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Another shredder! :lol:

Best advice I can come up w/ is know your road. If you're new to skating, you'll quickly learn small cracks are your worst

enemy, at least they were for me (LOOOONG time ago).

BTW, welcome & enjoy. If you haven't already, check out the layout of the forum & read the rules.

Shred on!

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Why did that fella get banned?

Anyway, on topic:

I remember I had a skate in sweden...Well, I never fell...Mainly because I allways went at about 0.2 KPH o.o

Yeah, I was pretty much scared to fall and break my nose.

It was still fun.

Because he's 7.62 mm.

Anyway, I've only attempted to skate twice. Both times were not that pleasant. First time: kept steering into the grass. Second time: It turns out it's not smart to practice your ollies on a wooden porch.

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You should see Max-X, (check your local Fox station or SPIKE TV). Some of the video show guys taking harsh falls,

busted bones, etc.

I love Max-X. You forgot to mention all of the ball-bashing.

Yeah, I'm not that brave. I just want to learn how to ollie and grind curbs. Y'know, be casual with it.

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