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Ideal PES team

Dirty Harry

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This is a topic for you to post what you think it is the most effective starting line up.

This one was made by me and Sniperspeed:




RB:Maldini(a bit old but the best)

LB:Ashley Cole





LWF:C. Ronaldo

CF:Fernando Torres

Post your teams, but ours will always be the best.

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I'll post my whole squad and you can see if you like it. My starting line-up is world-class and I regularly win games 6-0 or more on Top Player with them, bear in mind this is after 4 seasons so their stats are very high:

Buffon (GK)

Toure (RB) R.Ferdinand (CB) Kompany (CB) O'Shea (LB)

C.Ronaldo (RM) Essien (DM) Rooney (AM) Joaquin (LM)

B.Laudrup (classic player - CF) Ronaldinho (SS)


Hesse (GK)

Vandenboore (CB)

Pique (CB)

Gilberto Silva (CM)

Fabregas (CM)

A.Smith (CM)

Gerrard (CM)

J.S. Park (AM)

Ben-Hatira (AM)

Kaka' (AM)

Messi (SS)

Tevez (CF)

Babel (CF)


Wilhelmsson (SMF)

Carrick (CM)

Rafael Sobis (SS)

Joao Moutinho (CM)

Schweinsteiger (AM)

That's all of them, My team is Manchester United BTW, albeit almost fully customised.

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I advise all PES players to have the classic players option turned on, because B.Laudrup is an absolute bargain - get him for your 2nd season, he scores 30 goals minimum a season for me, he once scored 41 goals in 30 games in the league for me about 2 seasons ago, amazing. Also, Joaquin, Ben-Hatira, Babel, Ronaldinho and Rafael Sobis are more or less essential.

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I have the option of classical players but never buy them so it makes the game even more difficult. Can't wait for Pro Evo 7 especially online.

Anyway heres my name Im on the 5* which is the hardest on ML (master league) mode.

Anyway heres my the best team I have ever had.






This team could beat anyone on there day even the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool with all the classical players in it.

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