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i go to the locked city with train.

go to san fierro or LV from los santos

this is how it's work

drive a train with highspeed until the train is shaking (almost derail). the train will just pass the border(whatever the name) and go to the locked (forbidden) territory or city

is this a glitch or something? :huh:

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I discovered that two years ago, but nice one finding that one for yourself.

But beware however, you will gain 4 stars to your wanted level when you enter San Fierro.

i know that :tongue:

but you save as long CJ in that train

cuz train cannot be destroyed B)

Chill the fuck out dude, I only pointed the '4 stars' thingy out, no need to blow raspberries ;)

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Rule #1 - Never ever under any circumstances should you upset a gorilla.

Rule #2 - Only the gorilla can know what will upset him! :lol:

Just hardcore'n you a little.

I've seen the train pass through the barrier on the mission where you & Big Smoke are chasing the train w/ Vagos on top,

never thought to try riding it through. I'd already discovered the 4* result, in a plane (shot down over LV :cry: ). You also

get 4* if you get into one of the boats by SF airport until SF opens up. Once SF is open, I've taken boats all around the map

& picked up the Sea Sparrow floating just offshore, north of Verdant Meadows.

I think the boats by SF are singled out for a warrant because I've made a script mod that puts a boat & 2 helis where you &

Ryder go for "Robbing Uncle Sam" & have no problem until I reach "locked" airspace.

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hmmm. i never new about that glitch. thats cool. my favorite glitch though, is the jetpack cheat glitch at the beginning of the game, making all shops available, and the invisible barriers dissapear. (there is still a wanted level). but that train glitch is cool, ill have to check that out sometime.

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