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Avatar:6/10(Umm O.o . Lol....)

Signature:5/10(Eww....get a better one if you must have that. Nice to be honest though about being a perv. :) .)

Person: Okay stunter, pretty amusing to watch, kinda reacts to serious but a good/fun member.

Edit: Don't like Silberio lately 'eh?

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Ava: 8/10, Cool, very nice one.

Sig: 7/10 Very cool, but the 2 last ones, i dont understand LOL :P

Person: Very nice guy, also, can lock topics, as far as i know o.O

Also, i had to remove my other signature, Gerard said it was too big :(

I'll get soon another one...meaby...

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Avi: N/A

Sig: 10/10

Pers: Awesome person

What do you mean? Can't you see it? I can.

@Jared (Yay! Moderators don't really come to Fun and Games.)

Ava: 8/10 Cool.

Sig: 8/10 Great, I like the Russian.

Person: Great, obviously...

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