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Another crazy theory of mine!


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OK, I know what you are thinkin. Oh, here goes fatalgamer with another crazy theory about the GTA series, as if there is some sort of conspiracy behind the franchise.

Well this one is a little spooky. I was playing GTA San Andreas, having fun shootin up gangstas and stuff. Anyways, as I aim at a Balla, and I hear CJ say, "It's the American dream baby". A little later he says, "Welcome to America". I was a little wierded out. Also, this one, San Andreas, talks about Russians alot, but they never really seem to fall into place with the story.

EDIT: When talking about GTA IV, Sam Houser says several times that he is trying to achieve the "American Dream". Also in the third trailer Niko says, "Welcome to America". Just for the people who have no idea of what the hell I'm talking about.

I was also playing Vice City and was listening to talk radio station. An interview with that football player BJ, or what ever, and he was talking about the Vice City Mambas vs. the San Andreas Wild Cats or somthin.

Here is my point I think they give hints to the next game in the current games. So listen closely when GTA IV comes out.

Go ahead, go play GTA SA and you'll see what I'm talkin about.

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Good, I thought I was the only one. I thought you all might think I'm crazy, lol........... uuuuuhhhhmmmmmm.... yeah.

Anyways, I'm gonna be payin close attention in GTA IV. Although I don't think Rockstar knows exactly what they will do next, or they might, who knows. I mean, this is pretty advanced. I won't expect another GTA game out for a long, long, long time after GTA IV, unless ofcourse it's a handheld one. I don't know if you guys know this already but, that reminds me, yes a new handheld GTA title has been announced. They have, for now, dubbed it San Andreas.

link: http://www.gtaportable.com/sanandreas/

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