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HD TV for GTAIV?  

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  1. 1. Are you planning on purchasing an HD TV for GTAIV?

    • Damn right!
    • Hell no!
    • I already have an HD TV.
    • I might.
    • Why would I buy a new TV to play a video game...?
    • I never thought about getting an HD TV for GTAIV

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I was planning to get one in the summer, I had my eye on a nice Samsung one, but at the time I didn't have enough money, then my birthday came (early november) and I still didn't have enough money so I am going to have to wait till Eid to raise more moeny and probably get one in the Boxing day sales or the January sales.

The TV I am going to get is probably a Samsung as they are reliable and good, it'll be LCD as I dont like plasma and maybe around 19" to 22" nothing bigger for me. I am going to start shopping around again. I found though the cheapest TV shops in general in England is 'Richer Sounds' so I may be getting a TV from there only.

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fuck yes. with the PS3 games and GTA4, you do need a good TV or you'll have shit ass graphics..

No they don't. I have a PS3 and a decent small Sony TV and the graphics look fine. I honestly couldn't care for HD, the gaming industry takes it way too seriously nowadays.

If your like me than you take it very seriously cause I want my shit to look absolutely the best it can. Plus my old 20' tube takes up to much room. Now with my 26' flat panel I can just hang it on the wall. Lots of room now.

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