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Background Story:

Your name is Sean Johnson(Sweet) and you are the leader of the Grove Street Familes.

Los Santos, San Andreas. A city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption.

Where filmstars and Millionaires do their best to avoid the drug dealers and gang bangers.

It's 1987 and Grove Street Families are slowing deminishing. You brother is dead.

Your closest friends and family are all on the path to destruction and the rival gangs are now blasting on GSF harder than ever.

It's now up to you to take revenge and bring back the GSF.

Main Characters:

Sweet Johnson(protaginist)

Big Smoke


OG Loc

Big Bear


Big Devil

Lilttle Devil


Grove Street Families*


Los Santos Vagos

Varrio Los Aztecas

East Los Santos Kings*

* = Allies


Brass Knuckles




Baseball Bat

Night Stick


Desert Eagle

Sawn Off Shotgun

Chrome Shotgun

Mac 10


Tec 9

Ak 47



Sniper Rifle

Rocket Launcher

Flame Thrower



Spray Can

New Features:

-The ability to tag up walls with gang graffiti without having to do it over rival gang graffiti

-If your recruite 5 hoods and they all don't fit into your one car the remaining hoods will get a car and follow you.

-Petrol Usage(Can be turned On/Off at the Main Menu or the Pause Menu)

-The ability to get drunk and stoned.

<div align="center"> Missions:

Big Smoke:


Overveiw:Sweet gets a phone call from Big Smoke telling him that after checking out the other territorys most GSF members arn't wearing their colors any more.

Gameplay: You must recruite a group of OG's to go with you to all the different territorys and tag up walls and beat down on some Ballas.The go back to Ganton

Reward: $1000 + Respect

2.Grove Street Killas

Overveiw: Sweet gets word from Big Smoke that there is a Balla party and that it would be a good chance to get the word out about GSF coming back. Sweet decides to get a group of 10 hoods and take them into Balla Territory.

Gameplay: You must recruite the hoods then drive them into Jefferson, where the Balla party is located. You will then do multiple drive-bys on the house. Ballas will then pile out of the house to attack you. You and your hoods have to shoot all the ballas out front of the house. The go back to Ganton

Reward: $1000 + Respect


Overveiw: Big Smoke is telling the hoods of a Ballas attack on Ryder's House. Sweet tells the hoods to surround Ryder's house and to shoot every Balla in sight.

Gameplay: Since the meeting was in Sweet's house, you only have to go across the road. Much like a territory war. 3 waves of ballas will come and try to attack Ryder's house and Ryder. You must protect Ryder and shoot the Ballas.

Reward: $2000 + Respect

4.Cleaning up Ganton

Overveiw: Sweet is telling the boys that there are too many baseheads living in Ganton and selling the junk to the hoods. Big Smoke suggets we stroll through Ganton wiping out baseheads.

Gameplay: You must recruite 2 hoods to go with you and Big Smoke to drive through Ganton beating down on Baseheads and shooting the pushers

Reward: $2000 + Respect


1.The Alliance

Overveiw: GSF and East Los Santos Kings have been alliances since the beggining, but in the present times GSF are dying and ELS Kings are growing. To be on top they need to even this out.

Breifing: You and Ryder must drive to the ELS Kings main street and talk to Jerome Styles about the issue.

Reward: $1000

2.The Enemy

Overveiw: Jerome Styles has called a meeting for between GSF and ELS Kings to discuss the Ballas and Vagos, unfortunatly the Ballas have found about this meeting and have decied to interrupt it.

Breifing: After the ballas attack the meeting, East Los Santos will no longer be safe for the Jerome. You will have to drive Big Smoke, Ryder and Jerome Styles back to Ganton.

Reward: $2000 + Respect

3. The Hood

Overveiw: The ELS Kings and GSF territorys are only apart becuase there is one Balla territory in between, it so happens to be the biggest territory.

Breifing: You will recuite 3 hoods and Ryder will do the same, You will then do the same, with Ryder following in the car behind. You will then have to take the territory, and two other surrounding territorys.

Reward: $5000 + Respect

4.The Latin Express

Overveiw: Ryder gets word that the Los Santos Vagos are getting a big supply of weapons coming in to unity station.

Breifing: You and Ryder must go and take that supply of weapons, and leave a message by shooting the waiting Vagos.

Reward: $3000 + Respect

5.The Import

Overveiw: You and Ryder are talking about drugs and Ryder tells you that there is a big supply of the junk coming into the airport being brought in by San Feirro Rifa.

Breifing: You and Ryder must go to LSX and shoot the plane down, destryoing the junk.

Reward: $4000 + Respect




I did not make the SAS boxart. So if i get posts telling me that i did not make...I will tell you to shut the fuck up


I did add another gang on there. So if i get posts telling me there is no such gang...I will tell you to shut the fuck up

Damn, best GTA Box art I've ever seen

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