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Guess the City!


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Here's a new game. Users have to guess the city.

The rules are:

Someone posts a pic of a city and users will try to guess. When someone gets it right its they're turn to post a pic. If the city can't be guessed within 48 hours then the person who posted the pic reveals the city and its anybodies game on who posts the next city. You can give small but not obvious clues and add more pics to your original on whoever posted the city but only after many ppl get it wrong and u can ask what country its in, and thats the biggest hint u can give. Also u can only do a city (City - place with 100,000 people or more). Just a note - when posting a pic - don't have the city's name in the filename, then you can just look at the properties of the image and get it right away.

Here's the pic - I'll start with an easy one.


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