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Destroyable buildings.

Cars shouldnt explode unless blown up with explosives.

Yeah, if u fly in a building with a giant airplane or fire rockets, the building should collapse

and if u hit a car in its fuel tank (not just a spot on the car), the car will explode or if u hit it a dozen times on the right spot on the engine, it will stop

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Engines hardly ever explode, so it's pretty unrealistic.

I just played San Andreas, and they have most of the ideas I suggested in that one thread, all I need is some Havok physics and ragdolls, and higher polygon models and higher resolution textures.

I couldnt believe they have stencil shadows in SA, too bad the characters didn't use them, that didnt make sense.

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Engines hardly ever explode, so it's pretty unrealistic.

I just played San Andreas, and they have most of the ideas I suggested in that one thread, all I need is some Havok physics and ragdolls, and higher polygon models and higher resolution textures.

I couldnt believe they have stencil shadows in SA, too bad the characters didn't use them, that didnt make sense.

Well, engines dont explode. what explodes is the fuel tank thats not a part of the engine, usually its under the car (I think)

And they should make more storyline missions, and the vigilante, paramedic and that kind of missions would be your choice, so u finish them only if u want to, not becuz u have to

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But, unless GTA4 is in the future, which its not, we wont have any kind of "gravity gun" to play with the objects :(

Nooooooooooooooooo! :o We won't see the gravity gun! A complete disaster! The idea to pick up objects is good, but you'll never be able to pick up things like cars or trashcans (those big ones) and crush your enemies or gas bottles that explode when you launch them with the gravity gun. Or those blades you can use to cut off heads and limbs.

A game without a Gravity Gun is not a game! :'(

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My Wish continued:

- running people over will make your car all bloody

- other people should ride the trains besides yourself

- When you kill people in Vilagant mode, you should not get a wanted level unless your killing innocent people

Thats about it ^_^

people do ride the trains if you wait like five seconds before you jack it and take off in it

people get out of them

cars with fuel i must say would be very enoin especialy in cop chase you start to refuel

and a dumbass cop runs rigt into the pump and the entire thing goes kaboom

your should bbe able to export securicars on ship to get like 1million dollars

Thats exactly the same with killing adults.

Killing children is no different, except in our culture it is perceived as even more wrong (morally) and sick. People who murder adults are either evil or desparate, wheras people who murder children are regarded as "sick" or "the devil" or perverts and psychopaths. What's the difference?

And if you ask me, which of course you are, there are some kids who I think deserve to die. But that of course isn't how this world works and killing anybody (young or old) is wrong and should never happen.

For the sake of argument and for all the clamour that would arise over the issue, it is too risky to put them in at all.

I read in the newspaper a sentence about "a game called Grand Theft Auto where you gain points for murdering policement and raping prostitutes." We all know the police come after you and you go to prison if you kill someone. We all know you don't get "points" for anything, you get cash for doing jobs for people. Another newspaper claimed it was a game made for "training criminals to evade and kill the police."

So even if a kid was only in a cutscene of a game, or it was impossible to shoot one, or a kid was your own son or something, the media would misinterpret it and get politicians (who dont know anything about it) to ban the game based on what they say.

It's the same with the Internet and Net Neutrality. At present, anybody can put anything on the Internet and access any site. But some idiots in Washington think the internet is made of TUBES stuffed full of information, and those tubes are do full with "corporate internet" that we can't get "our personal internet". Because of that, the US government are agreeing to make TWO Internets, one fast one for businesses that pay lots of money, and a slow shitty personal one for all the other sites.

The media take one idea and wrongly apply it to everything. We can't change their stupidity so the best we can do is avoid upsetting them, and that means no kids in a GTA game.

Like i said earlier people that telll lies about those kinda things outta have thweir dicks shot off.

not you gerard the people you are talking about that give false info

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As for bigger map ideas, thats almost a certainty I would say, it is a logical step to make the sequel to a game bigger than the prequel.

thanks for giving us this opportunity chris these are the following ideas i suggest to be added to GTA4:

i agree with a bigger map of course

if this game is released on psp there should be downloadable packages like special cars(real cars such as porsches ferraris and hummers and so on) and weapons, planes and more boats and a wide range of bikes basicly like in GTASA.

buildings should be able to be crashed through with cars aand suvs if going at the right speed

in the old gta games if you shot at a car there wouldnt be any bullet holes therefore the graphics should be improved for car damage

you should be able to make headlines and news by getting over 3 star wanted level

trains should be blown up once hit cos in the old GTAs trains were virtually indestructable which was a turn off

more realistic speed, speedometer and a cockpit view which allows the player to see the main character moving the stearing wheel, changing gears and so on

AND lastly for psp, you shoud be able to download a special package letting you fly to special locations of liberty city vice city and san andreas and you should be able to get a wanted level there and stuff...

so thx for the opportunity and if i get anymore ideas ill send them to you.


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When you're shooting on a tanker truck there should get bullet holes in it so that the fuel drips out of it, and it shouldn't just explode, only when you use like molotovs or flamethrowers and then the whole trailer should vanish, or blow to small pieces and with oil all over the place. Then the firetruck is there to save the day. If it's a big fire and hard to control, there should be more firetrucks, and instead of just staying in their truck when extinghuising the fire, the fireman should get out and use hoses and stuff.

Same goes for tank stations, I hate it when you put 40 packages of C4 on one of the tanks, and then only the tank thing blows. The whole station should burst in flames with explosions and all. Which brings me to the point that buildings should be destructable (wow, what a new idea).

ALL vehicles should be somewhere in the world at every time, unlike the SWAT in SA.

Also, I'd like to see more special vehicles and when you are wanted by the police (4, 5 or 6 stars) there should be a whole police corpse chasing you, with sirenes and helicopters and the spikestrips should be brought back. Then you get those chases like you see in "cops" (the program on tv, ya know).

I want to see MUCH more different interiors for the burglar missions, and you should be able to access ALL houses, but also stores, at any time of the day. And when people are at home, the police shouldn't always be warned. Like people being afraid to call the police, or being to "macho" to call the police, etc.

You should be able to move trough trains, busses and planes, and then jack it from halfway the trip.

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This has been in the works since Vice City was released. Honestly I think of at least two good things everyday, like I am sure many of us do, so it keeps evolving. Three drafts ago, right before SA's release, I had it organized differently so it went to 26. Thankfully SA knocked it down to 19, which made me happy, but wouldn't it be great to have to start over? :)

GTA4 Wishlist -t-


-Motorcycle Improvements:

a. Full flips, not like the III engine where you reset at 180° up or down

b. INDEPENDANT TORSO ROTATION! I don't know how many other GTA players have played Tony Hawk, Ricky Carmichael or Dave Mirra, but in those games and real life, FMX riders can rotate mid-air. However, Tommy and CJ cannot. It would greatly improve bike handling, tricks and landing control

c. BUNNY HOP! Super important! Possibly the most important element in making the sports/games above cool and something R* needs to realize... you can bunny hop on a motorcycle!

dMotorcycle/Bicycle tricks- Aerial maneuvers like a Nothing, Can Can, Tail Whip, Superman, Front/Back Flip etc. except for grinds. My reasoning for not including grinds is that in Tony Hawk you just press buttons to get a grind, but in VC and SA it takes skill to grind. It would take the fun out of


e. Stunt-proofing- If a build feature is not realized, allowing for custom stunt parks, then general changes should be made to the map allowing for more ramps, curved objects, rails and better placement. Somewhere between Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and real life. At the very, very least, we should be able to build a simple ramp, like a 2-4 foot kicker anywhere to stunt off of.

f. Punching/Kicking/Melee from Motorcycles- Players can kick, punch, and swing weapons form motorcycles (Road Rash)

-Jet Ski and Waverunner (w/ motorcycle physics like bunny hop, torso rotation, flips and tricks)

-Hang Glider

-Rocket-Powered Aircraft (like http://www.rocketracingleague.com/ .)


-Naval & marine research submarines

-Aircraft Carrier (drivable)

-Car/Passenger Ferry

-Formula One race car

-Vehicles with boat trailers that work, allowing you to transport a boat across land

-Large hovercraft ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hovercraft )

-Snowmobile (w/ motorcycle physics like bunny hop, torso rotation and flips)

-Life-like Packers, cargo planes and choppers that actually carry other vehicles

-Hydroplane ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroplane , http://www.rcboataholic.com/images/hulls/uhydro.jpg )

-Motorcycle with sidecar

-Improved boating culture like populated marinas, boat launch, skiing stunt course, fishing, diving, underwater caves and shipwrecks

-Water/snow skiing, surfing and skating

-Draw your own paint job option for car mod shop* (see 'Custom Logo' below) and custom license plate option, allowing you to make personalized plates for modifiable cars.

-Asset garages allow you to mod vehicles from your asset

-No more disappearing vehicles. Vehicles stay where you leave them most of the time and pedestrian cars do not disappear when you turn around. Parking spaces function like temporary garages allowing the player to store a vehicle for a decent amount of time, but with a higher probability of it getting jacked.

-Phone allows the player to call NPC characters to chat or to ask them to meet them. This functions like sending reinforcements, but allows the player to hang out with other main characters or get a ride form them

-Six star wanted level includes Cargobobs and Hunters

-Stunt tricks for all vehicles


-Build Feature- I was dissapointed but not surprised there was no kind of build function in SA. It seemed like it was planned during development, via rumors pre-release and the casino in LV, but wasn't finished in time. Since GTA4 will be next-gen, there is no excuse not to have some kind of build function in the game. Not only should you be able to build a ramp somewhere for jumping, but you should also be able to build a house, HQ, Military Base, whatever. This works into GTA easily, since a common theme among crime bosses is laundering money through an otherwise legitimate business, like real estate, and the the buildings could then function as assets according to their design. Perhaps a tie-in with Avery Carrington? Build a Kaufman Cabs or other businesses and generate revenue according to location and demand. This feature would pull on the entire object library, and through progression in the game the player would unlock more buildings and objects. Furthermore, all buildings would have interiors, so drop the yellow markers. They are so 'arcade,' and if ALL buildings in GTA4 have interiors then there is no reason for markers! Just press Triangle to enter any door or window. Every building would have a set of other buildings of similar style and size and pull from a set of similar style and size interiors. These would be interchangeable and customized by the player in the building process. This would allow for stackable interiors, so the player could build a skyscraper or mansion asset with many interiors like a gym, a kitchen with eatable food, a pool etc. In relation to gang wars, this feature would allow the player to build barracks for his men, defenses or special buildings like a car shop or factory where the player can select what cars spawn

-Cruise Ship- Driveable vehicle and asset. Follows a set path around the map and stops at ports. Has a heli pad on top, carries vehicles and has stackable interiors like nightclubs, food court, swimming pool, gym etc.

-Skyscraper with stackable interiors

-Destructible buildings and terrain

-Boathouses- Boathouses at some assets function like asset garages, allowing the player to save watercraft

3.Character Features

-Better jumping- flips, jump attack, wall run to grab higher ledges

-Customizable hand to hand/melee combat expansion- select your attacks and moves

-Throw moves, side step, dive and roll


-Pick locks (vehicle and houses)

-More options for exiting vehicles like jumping forward, backward, left, right, onto the car roof or wing of the plane

-Lockable weapon free aim on foot and in vehicles

-Use all or most weapons from vehicles (ever see Black Rain? NRG + Katana= Drive-by Decapitation!)

-Water diving

-First person view

-D-pad functions as emoticons outside of conversations. The player can customize the D-pad buttons with character animations and dialog, like setting the left D-pad button to make your character dance or say something from the main character's audio and animation libraries

4.Game Features & Options

-The more control options for the player the better. To mangle a R* mantra, this is broke and it needs fixing! GTA4 should give the player complete customization over controls. This should also include new features like weapon free-aim lock

-Multiplayer/LAN system-link 4 player/Two Player- I'm not holding my breath on this one, but seriously, even my grandma is screaming for this one... not really! If she was, she would probably say that the two player feature in SA sucked it hard, but she is always off her medication. At least give us a system link two player or split-screen

-Mission Dreamer- This is my way of justifying having a mission replay feature in GTA. Everybody knows what it feels like to play a sweet mission when a new GTA comes out and you want to show your friends, but you saved after that mission. So the only way to show it off is to keep numerous saves, buy a cheat device, or play it to that point all over again! A solution is a sleep option when you save. Saving already advances the clock for sleep anyways, so when the player runs into the save icon, they can select 'save' 'sleep' or 'cancel'. By selecting 'sleep' the player lies down in bed and a selection screen appears where they can play any completed mission. Playing it again will obviously be a little different than the first time, but hey, how often are dreams exactly the same as real life? Dream missions would not effect the game

-Gang Boss++ Gang Wars Expansion (executive functions as a gang leader)- Gang improvements like: squad tactics, way-point navigation, inventory control (item/weapon select your gang members,) behavior control (attack, defend, hold-fire,) gang member driving AI (you can ride passenger in one player and navigate by way-point, but more importantly your gang members could drive other vehicles with you as a squad.) Gang wars should cover the entire map like the 'territory glitch' in San Andreas, even in the water. Also, an RTS component where you can command whole units in proximity or by phone. This way you can control multiple battles on several fronts by giving commands on the game map, like setting way points for reinforcements. Each territory would provide you with X amount of gang members, so you could send reinforcements from other territories not under attack. Another feature that would tie in nicely with this would be a build feature...

-GTA Director- Instant Replay Improvements & Screen Capture

Instant replay records actual 3D data so the player can record, go back and adjust camera angles, then export to MPEG through the use of an in game (pause screen option) application called GTA Director. Battlefield 2 has this feature and not to mention the old X-Wing game! GTA Director allows the player to capture footage by recording the actual 3D game data with audio synch, edit camera angles, edit clips together, add music from GTA4 disk or Xbox Live then export or at least replay on their system. GTA Director also could allow the player to save screen capture images and then upload them to Xbox Live to share with others and even download to their computer

5.Weapons, Items & Clothing



-Better infrared goggles

-*Custom Logo-Simple drawing application within the game that allows players to draw logos for tattoos, shirts, hats, graffiti and car paint jobs.

-Trigger satchels/car bombs while exiting a vehicle. In the previous GTAs you have to be standing on land to trigger these, which prevents you from triggering while rolling on the ground or falling from a plane

-Faster clothes changing and better clothing menu organization/navigation. Clothes should be organized by type not brand. Each piece of clothing should be labeled with the brand and have a thumbnail so we can see it before trying on. Clothes should appear on character, not requiring them to walk in and out of the closet again

-Food Slot- The player can hold extra food that functions like a med pack, replenishing health

-Free Save- The player can save in a Camper and an extra slot is added that holds a tent or sleeping bag. When the slot is used, a camp is set up with a fire, tent etc. The player can save like normal and the save is tied to your vehicle so it is saved as well

-Access to all police and military outfits

-Gun Case- Assets contain a gun cabinet or closet arsenal allowing the player to change weapons. The case would only include weapons the player has obtained throughout the course of the game. Instead of spawning weapons outside assets as rewards for hidden packages, this would allow the player to choose what is available. Special weapons and items not found in stores could be spawned instead as reward for hidden packages

-Remove Camera Reticle- Player can turn off the camera reticle when using a camera via display options. The is would allow the camera to function like a video camera during video capture. The player should also be able to crouch, ride in a vehicle and move while using the camera

6.Missions/Side Missions

-At the federal wanted level the player would be sent to a federal prison if busted for a few missions that eventually lead to a missions like a prison riot, escape, prison closing and then you acquire it as an asset. Or you could start out as an ex-cop sent to prison! Easy way to limit early game player movement

-Main character should be an corrupt ex-cop, allowing for police, FBI and army missions. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet. Undercover, CI, dirty cops vs cops, so many storylines

-New side missions- Air delivery, treasure hunting using submersibles, stunt challenges using motorcycle/bike/jet ski/airplane tricks, police actions (not vigilante, police actions than can be performed anytime with cop outfit and cop car like drug busts, prostitution stings etc)


-Spawn codes for EVERY vehicle in the game! New system for vehicle spawn codes: 4-7 button Master code + 4 button vehicle id

-Time Stopped code for 12:00pm and sunset, instead of just for nighttime.

-Theme codes are events as well. Like the Beach Party Theme cheat for SA would not only change your costume and peds but create an actual beach party where you are standing, like the OGLoc dancing mission in SA. Other theme ideas are lowrider contest, air show, campground party, carnival etc.

-Flying Cars cheat should have forward/hover feature like Hydra and wheels should be horizontal like the Cars Drive On Water cheat

-If bunny hop is not added for motorcycles, then it should at least be a cheat code

-Weapon/Item select when recruiting gang members. Allowing you to arm your homies to your specifications

-In addition to the traditional button combo for cheats, an in game cheat application allowing for the player to toggle multiple cheats without having to press a hundred buttons

-Repeat Cheat- short button combo cheat that repeats the last cheat entered

-Clear Cheat- clears all active cheats

-Super Grappling Hook- The grappling hook functions more like a high-powered gun with infinite rope, allowing the player to scale skyscrapers and hook onto planes and helicopters.

-Walk On Walls- Player can walk/climb/crawl on walls like Spiderman.

-Instant Reinforcements- Reinforcements arrive by car or parachuting from planes/helicopters quickly

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Yeah, liked your ideas tminus.

About the cheats for all vehicles:

They should have the cheat "givemea***vehiclename***", like for example:

GIVEMEACHEETAH and then the Cheetah spawns. EVERY vehicle should be obtainable this way.

The "Cars can float on water" cheat should be brought back.

And a cheat to freeze the time. And then the sun thing shouldn't continue with it's cyclus like the always midnight" cheat in SA.

And there should be some porgram in your program files which allows you to mod vehicles.

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there should be better vehicle-in-air physics like when a car starts doing a giant flip in SA it just slowly stops. thats impossible, nothing would stop the car from flipping and if a motorcycle leans back right before it goes off a jump it should do a backflip no matter what, and doesnt stop unless you stop it yourself by turning the other way. and you can have destruction of cars with licensed names and models, look at flatout 2. crushing a skyline to pieces.

oh and there should be real jumping in the game like jumping straight up and not long jump styl and after about a second of jumping (jumping down stairs, from plane or something high) he sortof moves to the dive position and then when he hits the ground he goes into euphoria and does a roll, or something else that reacts to the force and speed of hitting the ground. and falling off of a bike shoul have euphoria, and crashing slighty should make your character wobble and hit his head on the dash orsomething (same with cars)

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Howabout starting off NOT being in a gang?

In Vice City, you were working for the Forelli's at the start.

In San Andreas, you're part of the OGF.

I'd prefer being a normal person, and getting involved with crime from the very bottom. The first mission should be exciting enough for new players to enjy and get the feel for the game, but you should have to start off doing small-time jobs for any gang you choose.

The grove street type gangs were never my scene, so if I had a choice, I'd get involved with Woozie more than Sweet. Thats the freedom I want.

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I'd like to see him in the next game as the main character.

You start off the game returning back to San Andreas to work with Carl, eventually travelling to Vice City, and back to Liberty City doing various jobs. Carl and Claude could eventually work their way all the way to the top, dominating San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City. However, they soon encounter competition from London...

I think it would be great. You get to visit all the cities from the first three games as well as a brand new city. You could travel between them in planes, you get to meet characters from all three cities (that haven't died atleast), you have a massive playing area, everything you could ever want.

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I'd like to see him in the next game as the main character.

and him would be? yeah gerard i think that would be a good idea, if you look in some other topics you can see my giant idea of the storyline, i think mines a good idea, i hope its like from the gang at the top and being an underboss for a while and after a few missions or whatever your father gets killed and something happens to destroy the gang. and then you have to do that kind of freelancung stuff.

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Special forces should be the group that comes in for a level 6 wanted level.

You should also be able to take and wear the uniform if you kill one. I'd like them to look like this, with black elbow and knee pads.


Full support for saving with cheats.

True God mode.

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there should be real shadows and real lighting like real light reflection, look at battle field 2104 or whatevers lighting in it(especially on tanks and stuff). its crazy, fader soft shadows, real light and color reflection, good visible shiny and matte reflections. it should look just like real shadows. and there should be real draw distances not just showing the farther thing at lower res. it should be a different effect and blur and also light shiners. and people shouldnt be too shiny they should have real skin and not one color super shiny skin like in fear. there should be even perfectly 3d wrinkles and shadows of the blemishes in there skin. and hair should be individual.

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So basically, Tilly, you want: True soft shadows with umbra and penumbra calculations, global illumination, cube mapping, phong reflection model, real motion blur, HDR, and subsurface scattering.

I want these things as well.

I really want these types of features for the gamers with high end PCs, on lower end PCs the effects can easily be turned off.

Soon, I'm going to compile a list of everything I want in the next game, it's going to be huge.

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Howabout starting off NOT being in a gang?

In Vice City, you were working for the Forelli's at the start.

In San Andreas, you're part of the OGF.

I'd prefer being a normal person, and getting involved with crime from the very bottom. The first mission should be exciting enough for new players to enjy and get the feel for the game, but you should have to start off doing small-time jobs for any gang you choose.

The grove street type gangs were never my scene, so if I had a choice, I'd get involved with Woozie more than Sweet. Thats the freedom I want.

Now thats a frekin' great idea, having the freedom to chose who you work for, and perhaps gain resepct and climb up the ranks in that particular gang.

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