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>>GTA4 Wishlist<<


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- Buy cars from showroom (May sound stupid as you can just steal them, but sometimes you may want a luxary or rare car that not many people have. You could also try to steal a car from the showroom, but if you are caught you pick up 3 stars and have to try to evade the cops without damaging the vehicle much, as it costs alot to repair)

- Visible body armour, either outside or inside of characters clothes, which ne decided by player

- Im sick of Peds not being chased by police. If a ped hits you, they should be chased. Not just some random scene where a cop is chasing a crim down the street.

- Being able to steal/fly a passenger 747 jet.

- Take flight lessons and become a pilot (Part of New jobs)

- Able to go higher in air

- Better crash impact (E.g. if you crash into a building or onto the ground, a black

frame is left, which sucks)

- Fuel, turbulence (plane becomes harder to control), improved mapping/waypoints/radar tools,

cockpit view

- Hijack plane as passenger, able to move about in plane

- Better gang member involvement. Most of the time they just follow you and do nothing.

- Bigger vehicle capacities (Bigger number of gang members can enter buses, trains, vans,

planes, boats etc)

- Pools to train strength, endurance, underwater breathing

- More options of betting

- Monster trucks and tanks can move over the top of, and crush smaller vehicles

- Bullet holes, fuel, speed metres, turn ignition + headlights + hazard lights on/off

- Gas stations, car wash, drive thrus

- Better parking and car security (After most missions you park your car and never see it again. Also happens when you go to places such as the airport. Make it so that you park your car in a designated parking spot

and pay the parking metre. Choose how long you want to park it there for, if time expires car gets impounded.

- Better law AI and more law characters instead of every cop looking and sounding the same.

- Surrender to law by tapping a designated button or buttons. When this happens, the player

will go down on his knees and place his hands behind his head. When this is done, the law will not continue to shoot or hit you. This can be used to fit a storyline or free roam to avoid being hospitalised.

- Better and more extensive Police and Hospital interiors.

- Slower loading times changing/buying clothes

- More houses + ability to book into a hotel

- Car customisations including seats and seat covers, interior decorations, CD player (when installed can choose what bonus songs to play), bulletproof parts

- Armoured vehicles that carry money which are very hard to rob. These cars have 10x the amountof armour a normal car would carry as well as a bulletproof frame and 4 armed guards on board with shotguns and sub-machine guns. The van would react when it is rammed, fired upon, barracaded in traffic etc

- Train interiors

- Ride/drive trams

- Fix cars on highway crashing into each other like its an everyday thing

- Weather improvements + tweaks (As mentioned hurricanes, snowstorms etc)

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it must be howle AMERIKA thats what i like

and better vehicle damage

real vehicle names

more porn :D

and lots of more :thumbsup:

I agree 100% with you until the porn part. Dude, come on it's a video game! You want porn, you go on the internet or just go out, find a girlfriend and you know the rest. But point of GTA is to steal cars, not promoting porn and sex.

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My wishes for the next GTA are:

-Blinkers, definately blinkers

-More vehicles and vehicle missions, like: Submarines, more military aircraft like MIG's or Chinooks or Seahawks or something, and more big passenger- and frightplanes, hot air balloons and some small stuff like hangliders. I also liked the SWAT tank in SA, that one should return. More trains are welcome too and of course cars, skateboards and skeelers would also be cool. And more missions with them like medical missions with a trauma helicopter and firefigther planes. In the previous GTA's I wasn't glad with the firefightermissions. It was only possible to rescue cars from burning, but in the next GTA I would like to see buildings that are on fire.

-Animals. I know everyone says they will never be in a GTA, but what about a moose or something in the woods, that runs away if you get too close, just like the dolphins and turtles in SA. That would make the game much more realistic.

-There should be something strange, like a Bigfoot in a cave which doesn't show up very often :P .

-More weapons. All the weapons from the previous GTA's, and some more like cans and crates and nail guns and everyday stuff.

-More and better car mods. I was very dissapointed about the availibilitys of some car mods in SA. They aslo should make it possible to mod trucks and bikes.

-I would like to see full parking lots, I mean in SA in Las Venturas, it was way too empty.

-Traffic jams.

-If you stand still on the middle of a road people should hit their brakes BEFORE they crash into your beautiful just obtained car :pissedred: .

-In SA there are girlfriends to date, but you can only do driving and dancing and eating dates. In the south of Fort Carson there is a drive-in cinema. Come on R*, it's not that hard to make combinations...

-Of course a bigger map.

-More missions.

-Young people hanging around colleges and getting stoned (like the gang members in SA)

-You should be able to get high or drunk, and then the camera should start wobbeling, depending on how much you drink or smoke or whatever.

-Refueling cars (not to often) and working car washes, because I hated the dirty cars in SA.

-Inside car view, with dasboard, speedo-meter and fuel-meter.

-More stealth.

-A video- and photocamera

-More illigal street races.

-Other people should also have their cars tuned. Especially with the street races.

-The time doesn't really matter to me, but I liked the music of the 80'ies and 90'ies. More Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden please!

-A metro.

-More secrets and Easter eggs.

-The Vice City Apache (Hunter). The one in SA is crap. Also the machine gun sound was much better in VC.

-If something big happens, like 10 people or more get wasted, ambulances and police should come, and maybe the media.

-If there are mountains in the game, you should get something like an air meter, because the oxygen gets less when you go higher.

-If they put a desert in it, it has to be much bigger then the one in SA.

-The fright ships in SA, which were used in missions for Woozie, never move. They're part of the landscape. It would be better if they dissapear after a certain mission, just like Cortez's boat in VC.

-Mike Toreno should make a return, the guy is so friggin cool.

-More beach then in SA, something like VC.

-If you do vigilant misisons, the cops shouldn't get after you if you kill the wanted persons.

-It shouldn't take so long to try clothes on, it took me 2 hours or more in SA to buy all the clothes in every store.

-It would be cool to take place in the south of France, but U.S.A. is OK too.

-You should be able to put stuff in your cars trunk.

-If you park a car, it shouldn't just dissapear if you go away for a while.

-Less glitches.

-More types of restaurants, like romantic bistro's or a supermarket.

-More challenges in the schools.

-I hate the damned paramedic misions, it's so boring and takes too long, just like 100 taxi fares. 50 fares, like in SA, was good. The paramedic missions should stop at 10, or 8.

-More cars with the same trademar, but different types of them. Like for example Blista, Blista compact, Mesa, Mesa Grande, but then loads of more types.

-More wheater types, and NOT the dumb red/bleu sky when it rains like the had in SA.

-If a pedestrian hits you, or enemy gangs start shooting at you, the cops should (try to) arrest them.

-I don't like it that when you have a 1 or 2 star wanted level the cops shoot at you. They should first go drive behind you with a sign that says "Pull Over" and if you do what they say you will only lose an amount of money, and if you don't do what they say or it takes too long, they should start following you and shooting at you.

-The A.I. of your enemies must improve.

-It would be cool if you could get hostages.

-You should be able to move around in planes and trains and busses.

-Bullet holes in cars and injuries in people.

-You should have the ability to turn the lights of your car on and off.

-larger garages which can hold just as many cars as there is space for.

-When cops chase you, you should be able to surrender yourself. Or, instead of getting you out of your car and bust you or killing you, they should also grab you and force you on the ground or something.

-More different looking people, like soldiers and cops and gang members.

-More female cops. In SA there was only 1 female cop and she was your girlfriend.

Well that's about it, I have lots more wishes but I can't think of them right now.

P.S. Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes but I'm from Holland, a not-important small coutry in Europe.

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My Wishlist

Set In Mexico City

Kidknapping would be good

more relistic cars and damage

get rid of the grimy kind of look from SA get back the bright VC feel

faster loading times

better ped AI

overall batter graphics

more hidden stuff that cheats cannot unlock like some sort of misile

more boat + boating missions

Rob shops

no animals or kids thats just wrong

more clothes

no more detail in the modificatio this game will not be need for speed and it is not trying to be

some weird vehicles like milkfloat ect.

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Another wish is to set up your own business, for example, you could start a safe ice cream company, and slowly make money without the risk of getting caught, OR a business that involves crime, but is risky, and if you were to be caught you lose a percentage of your business thus losing profits, thus losing popularity, thus losing your mind!

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-More and bigger and active airfields and trainstations.

-A space station would be cool, with Toreno missions, and a space shuttle where you have to plant a bomb on or something.

-Not the annoying camera view when driving a train.

-More electronic weopons.

-Good sports cars are driven by young people, for example a Bullet has a cool dude driving it, while a Perrenial is driven by some old woman.

-Just like in the End of the Line mission, there should be like 10 'little' cities with one of them totally screwed up by riots. There should be police everywhere, with Swat tank water cannons, buildings on fire, people throwing stuff at cops.

-Rob stores.

-I want to see the Bunch of Tools shops back.

-Not only to be able to switch radiostations, but also the volume of your radio (in game, not under 'options', 'sound options' etc.

-After some big missions where you had to kill many people, they should do the same thing as they did in the final mission of GTA III, a kind of breaking news bulletin.

-Cars shouldn't explode when upside down.

-Better (further) view.

-They should NOT put in the limited amount of weapons you can hold at a time. It may be much more realistic, but so ennoying.

-IT HAS TO BE BROUGHT OUT FOR PC, if they don't, I'm a very sad panda :cry:

-Rewards at 100% that you can't get by cheats, like in VC the T-Shirt and the bodyguards, or a special vehicle.

-More unique vehicels like the Hippi bus from the Truth or the Swat tank.

-Civilian Hummers, just like in GTA III. In SA they only used them for the army.

-Other people should be able to swim, and there should be more activity on the beach, like people are playing with beachballs and couples kissing or something.

-If you drive a sports car on the Packer and then drive away with the Packer, there's a very small chanche of keeping the sports car on it to your destination. In the next GTA it would be cool if like, when you turn a car on a Packer it just stays on it as if t stands on solid ground. You also should be able to put 3 or 4 cars on the Packer at the same time.

-More sports cars.

-The most important and beautiful car ever fabricated in real life: The Volkswagen Corrado :drool: . If that one isn't in the game I'm really gonna cry and tell my mother.

-More little islands.

-More different peds, maybe they can put in all te peds from III, VC and SA together.

-A garbage truck, on which you can do missions (wooo, exciting, taking up the garbidge within time limits)

-The iron stairs for boarding planes should NOT explode when you destroy them. Also Tanker trucks should cause a much bigger explosion.

-If you run people over with your car, there should get blood on your bumper/frontwindow.

-Doing Paperboy missions, just like the normal delivery missions only this one is with newspapers.

-Vehicles like snow mobiles, jet ski's etc.

-Malls, with every store accesable.

-They should put more User track player radio stations, so that you can put in the music you like, but not that if you for example like modern rap and 80'ies rock, you get 2 totally different styles on 1 station.

-More trucks on the road, and then I mean whole combinations, with trailers and stuff.

-More attatchments for vehicles, especially farm vehicles.

-They should bring the car crush device thingy from GTA III, it was so :coolthumbup:

-I would like to see american yellow school busses (no kids, just the busses driving around).

-If you crash with a car you should lose healt.

-When there's a storm, you should hear the wind, traffic lights should wave, stuff like that. Everyone says they want a natural disaster, but that is pretty hard to do. Maybe in a mission, but for sure not randomly.

-Monster Truck stadium missions would be cool.

-The spike stripes from VC have to come back.

-If the army is after you because you have 6 wanted stars, the tanks don't shoot. I mean, if you dont use it for shooting or ramming strong buildings, why would you get a tank? Let them fire at you in the next GTA.

-There should be a mission where you go back to Vice City, just like St. Marks, only you have to be able to explore VC. Of course not the whole town, that would take to much space, but maybe the small island in the middle, like Starfish Island or whatever it's called.

-A nuclear power plant where you have to do (a) mission(s), just like the Sherman Dam in SA.

To everybody wants a scooter: Hellooooo, what about the Faggio, ain't that a scooter?

I know I have too many wishes for the next GTA, and there are lots more to come... (To be continued)

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Hey all,

What new features should there be?.I personally think the police should act as if it was real instead of shooting the guy/girl to death.And you should be able to blow up all buildings.And you should be able to fill your car up with petrol.

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I like the storms idea.

i think you should be able to go inside any building in the city and rob them

i think an inside view of any car in the game would be cool

and have a speedometer

and more with girlfriends (NOT ANYTHING LIKE HOT COFFEE)

and i also like the idea of the cops trying to pull you over instead of ramming you

when you shoot a building in a jet (Hydra) the buildings should blow up after a while

I like the idea of being able to make your own busniess

they should bring back the car crusher from GTA3

it would be cool if you were in a downtown part of the city and there was traffic jams

i thin it should be set in a time like today 2000-2006 something like that

if you park ur car in a parking lot and come back it shoulden't dissappear

Gas stations, car wash, drive thrus Bullet holes, fuel, speed metres, turn ignition + headlights + hazard lights on/off

If something big happens, like 10 people or more get wasted, ambulances and police should come, and maybe the media.----i like this idea BigL

Im sick of Peds not being chased by police. If a ped hits you, they should be chased. Not just some random scene where a cop is chasing a crim down the street---i agree with this too

PLEASE!!!! R* Make at least some of this stuff be in the next GTA!!!!

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would be cool if gta 4 would have:

-some new thing to "drive whit"

(all came into my mind are: kickbike, rollerblades or something whitch haven't seen yet)

- like someone said already snow!!!!:P

-I think really awful storm would be nice whit some hurricanes.

-Well I would like if it would be possible to play the story whit female or create totally own charachter, but thats just me.

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* The environment should be more interactive and the buildings more accessible, because i am sick of the fake doors on all the buildings which you can't get into.

* You should be able to extort and force other gang members to join you.

* Ability to mod law enforcement vehicles, e.g. rhinos, enforcers, police cruisers etc.

* you should be able to buy and furnish/decorate your safehouses.

* More " bent " cops etc. like officer. Frank Tenpenny( GTA SA ) and Ray Machowski ( GTA 3 ).

* Longer storylines and missions.

* More Action, Less races.

* More sly comments from peds.

* Stamina, Muscle building and more attire choices, like the ideas used in GTA SA.

* More Gangs, and more destruction.

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i would like to see if you can use your car as a BOMB (LCS)

you can use enough explosives to take down buildings (Mercineries)

they should bring back the car crusher (GTA3)

bring back muscle cars from other GTA games, or make new new muscle (1969 dodge charger)

cops throughing SPIKE STRIPES, And making a huge ROAD BLOCK,covering the whole road (All GTA)

if you hit a big tree in a semi-truck, the tree would be damaged or fall down (my idea)

i would like to see if you can fly a plane into a building,and take the building down (911)

and alot of changes to the detail of the buildings,cars,water,forest, and to the roads

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well! them ideas sound like fun! lol! you know what would make things more better:

having to re-fuel your car!

better car damages

better air transport

more cars n bikes etc

loads more choice of firing ades

and mi little sister aged 13 said to me the other day that it would be good to have animals like dogs etc, so you can set your dog onto people lol! and keep them in a kennel at the safe house.

n i dont know about everyone else but we need more garages to keep more cars in, and do keep the idea of moddin your cars!

and to be able to go into more bildings etc!!!!!-------chirs


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Some things I'd like to see would be:

1. I like the red-marker that you can place in SanAndreas to chart where you need to go etc, but they should take this a step further. How about customizable markers that you can place and name yourself and have the game save this so you can know where certain things are. Example would be the RC Shop, after you complete it, it disappears from the map as a marker and you need to 'remember' where it is, or chart it yourself on an external map. How about being able to add a marker saying 'RC Shop'. Or if I find a good base-jumping spot, to mark it as such. I think it should be a marker that you can choose from say a list of 10 different graphics and change their color, this way at a glance you can see where something is you want marked (like the location of an M5 or a rocket-launcher).

2. I really like the gang-member recruiting, but this again could be taken a little farther. Since we are in a gang (or a mob, etc) how about a mercenary purchase spot. This way instead of just recruiting anybody, you could specifically recruit 2 pistol guys, 3 ak guys and 1 rocket-launcher guy, etc. Keep everything the same as far as the more respect (or whatever) the more you can recruit. Also you could mod this a bit more by having the prices of the mercenaries decrease as your respect level increases. This way a rocket launcher guy could be like 20k in the beginning, but later on may only cost $500, etc. Another REALLY cool thing to add would be saving the mercenaries, and being able to upgrade or level the mercenaries up. Like the pistol guy would be leveling the more action he sees, and eventually be able to wield 2 pistols. You could then equip them with armor. Also being able to drop them off at a safe house so you could have them 'rest' and heal. Then you could leave them at the safe house to 'store' them like a car. Of course there is a limit to the number of people you can store at a house (depending on the size, like the garage).

3. This one's short, but I would like to be able to drop any weapon (or item) that my char is holding and have it show up on the ground, so I can pick it up again. This would only be necessary if they continue to have weapon sets that overwrite the previous weapon. This will allow for you to drop the current pistol for example, pick up the floating silenced pistol, use it then drop it and pick back up the original pistol.

4. The vehicle AI could be smarter and a little more accurate. If anyone has ever jumped on the roof of a car to see where it goes, you'll notice that it doesn't fully follow the rules of the road, also it has no idea if it is heading straight for an obstacle or not. I was riding on top of a cop car and it came to a red light and stopped. As soon as the light turned green it tried to take a right and directly hit a pedestrian. It then stopped for about a count of 20 seconds, then continued forward. This may be unnoticeable in the game as a problem, but it's stuff like that that, to me, makes the game loose the 'reality'. The pedestrians are all retarded too, they will dive INTO your vehicle trying to get out of the way. Geezz.

5. They need to take the food idea a little further. Like a hunger meter to indicate how hungry you are, and if you eat only low fat foods it makes you hungry faster. The higher fatty foods slow down your hunger, but at the cost of gaining fat. Also as you work-out or run around or anything related to stamina, your hunger would increase.

6. Some what related to point (4) is that the AI for the cops need to be more accurate. Like other posts I too would like to see the cops arrest you when on foot and have one star, rather than the 'shoot first, questions later' kind of approach. Obviously after about 2 stars you have done some real damage and may merit gun-fire. Also the cops need to be more 'on-your-side'. I can stand in enemy territory, get shot at by multiple thugs while 3 cops stroll by without a glance. Then as soon as I open fire on my opposition, not only do I have the gang to worry about, but now IM the target for the cops. GOSH!!

7. As with most other posts, I'd also like to see more business opportunities that are more 'user-controlled' rather than mission style assets. For example, you should be able to get a regular job at the burger place, and now you need to spend at least 2hrs (or whatever) delivering burgers or pizzas in order to make a living. You can get fired too for not showing up, or for killing the patrons etc. The point of making a living would only be relevant if there was some sort of 'expense' associated with the game, i.e.. rent. In all the places that you can purchase in the game, they are only one time buys. I'd like to see more places that have an up-keep cost associated with them like rent. This way when you have completed the game and are like a millionaire, you still have a need for the money, to upkeep the places you own, or you could sell them back to the open market. The assets like shops you own would still have an asset money amount in the front, but the max it could reach would be based on the asset missions you complete. For example the RC shop gives you 5k max. You should be able to do some things (mini-games, missions) to increase this amount (or in other words to decrease the overhead for the shop, thus giving you a bigger return.) This way until the asset is acquired, it costs you money to keep it in business.

I of course have allot of other thoughts, but I think I'll save them for a later post.

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*Phone people for backup, etc.

*Get pics and little info on hobbies and hangouts, connections-for a HIT LIST

*Racketeer, control Casinos, etc

*More tactic/ bomb or catch certain places on fire and rebuild as you want.

Real Estate- drive byes lower prices a bit.

*Have connections with Hosp. Fire. Police. FBI.

*Control Unions, docks Import Exports, Choose to gain connection with French, Russians, Columbians,

Biker Gangs{only choose two}. To make it more interesting.

*Turf wars like San Andreas for some sections of each city. Depending if you gain enough area, money and control on the side, need to deal, negotiate, swindel and scheister things, give certain deals.

* Keep an eye out for one of a kind people follow them list them, get info choose to connect or assasinate-this will also give info of side deals French, Russians, etc- do this to gain control of each group in areas--

will still have retaliation.

*Have custom car, heli, yacht/boat-areas, create gang cars, etc. Have cars made bullet proof/ damage proof/ explosion proof-- each at own price-- ex, bp=300,000 dp=200,000 ep=750,000

EP.includes- bombs, roll over, other car explosion. BP includes- Heli fire, gun fire. DP includes- hitting cars, roll over but will exp. if left, big damage. All will = tank proof. Example Only.

*Most of all make it Online.

There is more but this should do. If some of these happened would be awesome.

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REAL CARSSSS!!! and GOOOD MODELS!!!! the sa models sorta sucked. yes yes i know alot better than gta3 and stuff but really, i downloaded a ferrari testerossa off of gtagarage.com and it sed it took him about a month and a half to make, after all of his duties(at home work school etc) and it looked SOOO MUCH better than the cheetah, the cheetah was like a piece of shit laying in your shoe compared to the shiny testerossa.

AND I NEED BETTER PHYSICS!!! how about the crash physics of burnout revenge... or wutever new burnout comes out in the near future b4 gta4 comes out. the ragdoll physics should be good and not just knock around shit like in spiderman and doom 3. actually have model indentations and stickiness to objects and the ground. also better sounds. i didnt buy a grerrererat sound card just to hear the tiny clicks that are the same pretty much every weapon, the same boring,unchangable vrooms that the cars make, and the relaly annoying beep that is thoight to be a sound of a plane etc. etc. etc.. AND better tunable car handling maybe like nfs mw(or any new nfs game) handling and and tuning styles, and maybe a fligt simulators plane handling, and a good bike games handling for motorcycles. AND TRY TO MAKE THE HANDLING LIKE THE REAL CAR'S!(like how I sed it would be alot better to have reallll cars)

Oh and im suprised to see that nobody has said anything(in the first 20 pages, i dont read this WL constantly) about better hand to hand combat, like there should be a good fighting games stuff. and how about some better voicovers that actually make sense. like i really didnt get it when a bikini lady in VC would walk around my while i was in the middle of the beach and then she would blare out "GAG ME WITH SOME SUSHI!!!" it really made no sense at that time. oh and along with better AI, have some smarter ideas for tense and location. such as when a scater lady would walk the wave line of the beach with skates on, and when elvis would trott into Grove street without one look of worry in his eye(yeah good idea, go dress as elvis and walk into the most ghetto neihborhood of LA) i just want the citizens to be having real lives happening around you, i know this would realy make no giant difference and i wouldnt be mad without it but having a working-ish looking Mom walking to her VAN and she gets a call on her cell and she sez "OMG I FORGOT THE KIDS!!" and she gets in the car and speeds of, pedal to metal, runing over bystanders going to get her kids that she left at the zoo. :D that would be a real kick for the coldblooded killing of GTA. and i would also laugh my ass off.

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Most likely, they won't put real cars in there. I do agree on the gun sound though. The sounds in gta 3 and VC were so good, then this came and the first day I played it, the sound was annoying me. I deffinately agree on the people living their own lives. It doesn't really make sense having people walking (and driving) around randomly. I don't think they will ever put kids in the game, if that is where you were going with the kids at the zoo thing. That would not go over well with so many people if you could kill kids.

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oh yeah. maybe there could be a zoo with kids in only one room that u cant enter. maybe those kinna stuff could allow having children in the game. im not really for the kids thing. but it would realy add to the realisticity of the game.

hey why not real cars? it wasnt that hard for any other game.

what was the game.... fight club, where u could actually break bones and run around with ur arm bent back, i wish that could hapen in hand to hand fighting in gta4.

then u would havta go to the hospital. and fix it.

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Wht about choosing what ur guy or girl lookes like in the begining of the game

alot more cars and bike

snowmobiles and jetskies

being able to contomize ur bicycle

costomize ur car with alot more stuff like ur engine, like B.O.V's and turbos

and actual bigfoot :)

way better damage, i dont want it were u fall off a mountain and ur bumper falls off

and like when u have a rocket launcher have him strap it around his back and not into his mysterious pocket

when u fall off ur bike have ur clothes rip

being able to nock down bulidings and have them repair over time

costomizing ur own house " like ur outside" with a big yard wih ramps and shit

have ur car get crushed instead of ur windshield breaking

actual bullet holes, not sparks

thats what i wish :thumbsup:

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