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>>GTA4 Wishlist<<


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I'm sure it would work either as sidemissions or submissions. And having better AI is very important, it would be great, I don't know about lying down like some war game, maybe it'll work, I don't know man. But a better AI is always something positive you know, that'd be great. I think that the drivers could be more smarter in the traffic, and if you're driving at full speed towards someone they should be able to recognize the danger and steer the wheel away. Oh yeah, and more criminals in the city, that'd be great, I'm sure we're going see a more lively city now, it's a game for the xbox360 and PS3 (possibly future PC) so I'm sure we will see a much more lively city.

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I got some ideas I'd like to share:

-Modify cops IA so that they don't chase only us

-Everything should happen morer randomly (earthquaques, floodings... loads of things no one is expecting)

-Make the environment more usable... for instance increase the amount of objects our character can interact with

-allow the main character to actually dialog with other persons, what could also help him to find clues to solve things and/or find guns, ammo, secret items...

-make use of public transportation as buses cabs trams and others on our own will

-increase the variety of stores

-expand the game's lifespan by bringing more types and varieties of businesses to the game, more or less like in the Godfather game

-diversify the vehicles!!! Most of the models are old fashoned and obsolete

-have a dashboard view

-use lightsigns as turnsigns...

-Go further into modifying the vehicles lights rimms paints stickers...

-equip cars with guns, bulletproof protection...

-Refill the gas from your car and being able to wash it

-Create our own radio station from mp3 or other source :thumbsup:

... for the moment i'm finished but you'll hear more from the Gomes familyCiao


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^thats a coooooool atv type thing

and i want to make it harder to get money. like you have to actually get a job and do it. a guy calls you and says, hey you need some money, go get a job! and you have a bunch of jobs to choose from. like airport, cafe (with stuff to do) and some other stuff.

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Yeah those are some great ideas man, but some of them were just a little bit too much, I don't know man, that's how I feel. Let's say, about earthquakes and all that shit, I don't know man, yeah man it would probably work pretty good, maybe, but I don't know, I'm kinda critical when it comes to that stuff. Damn, I can't wait until the official pictures are on the website, man it's gonna be so exciting you know.

Oh yeah, and personally I would love to see GTA IV take place in Tokyo or Hong Kong, just think about it, it could be great you know.

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Man this has been said several times but I`m still going to say it :

I want injuries ,I want to see the peds skin burning after <<use>> on them the flame thrower,also shoot one leg have a wound,with massive blood .I want blood everywhere when I shoot someones head ,I mean brains everywhere,or just to affect them ,to lose ballance when shooting their legs ,a Head-Shot (reminds me of Counter-Strike :) )should bring an instant death and you could after killing the person to see the actual holes covered with blood allover the body(not just under the body like in most GTAs)Everything should cause injuries ,What GTA chainsaw massacre is going to be .I think this will bring an AO rating and GTA 4 will be banned in several countries :)

I think I sad this several posts ago but I will repeat it ,if no then here it is :

After a mission like go to point A kill X & return back in time you will need to get rid of incriminating evidences (hiding the body& the gun or simply blow the f...k up the entire house,building....I want to get rid of clues that will leed the cops on my tail.If you don`t get rid of evidences Mission Failled or Bad Mission Points 100 :) After geting rid of clues destroy the car you used to kill X then grab another car & get back to work :)

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Ragdoll physics. I remember reading a preview in PSM2 UK saying that people would die realistically. They said that they'd even fall over ledges, but it wasn't in the final game. I hate how there's only really 3 dying animations. They should put havok physics in. Oh, and bring back the ability to blow off arms and legs. I also hope they try not to make the game look too gritty and "street" like in San Andreas. They should probably bring back the cartoony look of Vice City, but obviously looking much nicer with the help of next-gen horsepower.

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^yes that cartoony look of vice city made it really fun^

I think there should be gore mode, and not gore mode. for the kids. like in countries that dont want it, just take away the gore mode. and for kids, just put it on gore mode off. there should be some way to have like... parental controls? i know that sounds pretty gay, but itl lower the rating, and increase possibility of gibbing, dismembering and all that other good, realistic stuff. (sometimes realistic :))

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Maybe you should also be able to buy properties like the police station or hospital, so you can keep your money and weapons if you die or get busted. You should also be able to buy the airports, so you can have a huge amount of aircraft at your disposable. Finally, I hope you get to buy vehicles like in Scarface, and the vehicles appear at whichever property you choose. You could use your cellphone to tell your driver to deliver a vehicle to wherever you are.

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