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What comes with the PS3?


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Oh ok. Man this is exciting, I got my PS2 in like 2001 and was on top of the world. Then XBox game out, then PS3 then 360 then Wii and all of the sudden PS2 is the new Sega Dreamcast. The only reason I never bought a Wii or an XBox was because I didn't want to get used to a whole new controller but the PS3 is perfect. Amazing graphics and the same controller!!! I've spend years buying the shittier version of games that look so much better on other systems and finally I am on top again when I get this PS3 which I am hoping is in the next week and if i am very lucky I could get it tommorrow (saturday). I can't wait to get MLB 08.

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Whats this PSN ID thing? are you telling me that the PS3 comes with a cable and with that I can play on-line? do I just plug it into a phone jack? or how do I get a PSN ID?

PlayStation Network, with it you are able to chat with other Playstation users, play Games Online, download videos, demos, and more.

You can either get it by Wireless Connection or Cable for your PS3.

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The controller doesn't have batteries but you do need to charge it once in a while. When you turn the PS3 on, you need to press the PS button on the controller then the red light should show.

You just said a wireless controller that needs to be CHARGED doesn't have batteries. While you are correct in saying BATTERIES, it does have a BATTERY, or else it wouldn't turn on...

And yeah, it pretty much ONLY comes with enough to play games.... That are sold separately, of course.

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I'm just setting it up by my comp and using that enthernet but I have another problem or course. I am trying to register so I can go to the PS Store but everytime I type my e-mail and password it says I need a master account but I can't find out how to create one anywhere.

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