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well, they created the game Lost,

You play as a previously unseen survivor, Elliott, A photographerythingydude with amnesia, The use of flashbacks as a storytelling device, which are integral to the television show, is part of the game play. Also, owing to the main character's amnesia, they are often just as revealing to the character as they are to the player. The game's timeline coincides with the first 70 days portrayed in the television series. The player explores locations seen in the show, such as the beach camp, the dark territory, the Flame station, the Black Rock and the Swan Station. The player also interacts with some of the major characters of the television show; Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Mikhail, Ben, Juliet and Locke, among others. Elliot must also avoid the "Black Smoke" monster. Trading with other survivors and taking photos with a camera are also part of the gameplay.

Wiki Ftw

First Trailer

And a trailer with allot of good scenes

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Well once you get to the cut scene where that guy tries to kill you, then you should go onto the next episode. Thats where you go to the cockpit. You know when you have progressed as it says "previously on lost".

yeah, finally loaded properly, so now, just talked to Locke, now going following the debris, my god i hear voices, is the mist up ahead? im scared shitless now.. :'(

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