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GTA and Xbox Microphone?


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Well actually it might happen because Niko is able to phone the police but what do we know he will ask them? So maybe this would happen. Lets just wait and See ;)

Good point but I think it will be automated. Niko will speak to the police, but it wont be you forming the sentences for him. When you call the police or whatever, I think the system may recognise the situation and base a telephone interaction on that. If this was the case then the conversation wont be specific, but general. I haven't explained that very well, but I hope you know what I mean.

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Yeah I don't think any games have voice recognition software built into them! :P

This would be very cool. You said that no game has voice recognition in them, well they do and have had. I remember playing Socom : U.S Navy Seals for the first time on PS2 and they had a voice recognition built into that. You could say things like. Alpha, Throw grenade into cross hairs. That for me was....well, how i would put it EPIC! :yup: ...Still it was very limited but still had a great effect on gaming as it made you more part of the team and sucked you in that little bit more. I do think that this could be achieved through GTA 4 but i do think the technology that goes into such a thing would just be to much for a game of this size.....Would be nice though! :) ......

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