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Do You Believe In God?  

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No offense but thats a bit stupid comment Jesus exists there are written roman documents that says that a Jesus of Arimateia existed

And there's another religion that says the Roman's made that up aswell...

So according to your logic, if i were to write a document stating that the tooth fairy exists it's automatically true?

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God gave us freewill we are free to do what we want and sometimes people forget to do the right thing

This is the most bullshit comment I've heard all day. And I've only just woken up, so there's plenty of time for more.

You have to look deeper than just the idea of God granting us free will. We have free will in an environment where there are no clear differences between good and evil. Humans have no inherent concept of right and wrong, and God himself sure hasn't made himself present to lead the way.

So therefore, if our choices lead us down the "wrong path" in life, then God has no right to bitch about it. God is the one who placed us in this situation.

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