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Do You Believe?


Do You Believe In God?  

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im atheist was Christan but i stopped believing for holes in the god threroy just a question that may or may not have anything to do with this topic but why do we buiry people in a six foot hole in the ground that is closer to Satan than god? maybe people can awnser me.

1- It's not a theory

2- Satan is in the ground? What made you come up with that? Asume there God and Satan exist. I can't recall any part of the bible saying that Satan is inside our planet (y'know, people thought the world was flat in those days, so down would still be in the heavens or as we call it: outer space).

Where do you think Hell is(assuming you believed in Hell)? How would down be considered up if the Earth was flat???

May I ask how you ever came to the conclusion that hell is in the same world as we live in? Indeed, it does say decend (cause that's the translation from hebrew to greek to latin to english.. yeah). But that was written down by humans who in those days still believed that the earth was flat and that our flat world had a roof above which there was water. The Olympic myths and stuff actually bare quite some resemblance to the Christian religion (old testament). Dis ruled the underworld. In Christianity it's satan. Zeus was the god of the 'living world' and about the same can be said for Christianity. But then one can be saved and enter heaven. Of course, you can't compare everything. But greek mythology does have a story that looks quite a lot like adam and eve in Genesis.

tl;dr decending to hell has just been translaten that way. Hell is (IMO) in another world.

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God gave us freewill we are free to do what we want and sometimes people forget to do the right thing

This is the most bullshit comment I've heard all day. And I've only just woken up, so there's plenty of time for more.

You have to look deeper than just the idea of God granting us free will. We have free will in an environment where there are no clear differences between good and evil. Humans have no inherent concept of right and wrong, and God himself sure hasn't made himself present to lead the way.

So therefore, if our choices lead us down the "wrong path" in life, then God has no right to bitch about it. God is the one who placed us in this situation.

That's what I wanted to say earlier but I lack of brains. Thanks osiris.

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dont know if u know why was Jesus Born in a cave because the emperor wanted to know the population and said that everyone should be registered and Jesus wasnt an exception

Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem, Nazareth :P I have seen the play, been forced to read the book and it has been drilled into my head.

I don't care if there is a god out there any more.

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Actually didnt said stable i said cave and thats the truth and second and if god never guided us why do the 10 laws exist

Hows that the truth?

I really don't know what I should believe in... I've been raised to believe in god, but I have never felt it helped me out. My grandparents believe in god and try to encourage most of my family to believe, but some of us have different views on our beliefs.

For me though, I don't know what to believe in.

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I really can't believe on how many Atheists are on these forums ... I do believe in God, I don't go to Church very often for some stupid reasons but I do believe in Him ... I think the archives from Vatican held all the answers to our religious questions, except for one, does God exist? Well I think it exists, and I pitty those who don't believe.

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