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First Impressions

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Being that there have been releases across the world already, I figured everyone that has the game could talk about their first impressions here.

Explain what you first thought of the intro, cut scenes and how you like the game play. Maybe talk about some early experiences you've had at the start, such as getting run over right off the bat.

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The intro was absolutely stunning, even with my standard TV. I'll need to get used to the new controls, but so far everything is working out pretty nice.

It was breath taking when I first got to see the city as I drove up over a road as I was heading to the safe house. The environment and atmosphere is terrific, especially looking at the city from a distance when it's foggy.

I will be occupied with this game for many months/years to come.

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You can choose to use the "classic" controls, but I wanna learn the new ones. First thing I did in the game was to jack a car and full on ram it into a wall.

I flew straight out the window and lost about 50% health.

I didn't really like the new character physics at the start, but I'm getting used to them... I haven't done any missions as yet...

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