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TGTAP USA/Canada Clan [360]


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Well this is the official TGTAP clan for American/Canadian 360 players. If you want to join, just post here your Gamertag and you're in as easy as that. We don't have a clan name ATM, but once a couple people join, we'll vote on it. I think Noru will be helping me run the clan so I'll put him on the member's list right now. When you join, add all the clan members to your friends list. Alright let's get this started.


Artur - xAnarchistx21

Noru - Noru122

MeL - Fuzen0

Urbanoutlaw - URBANOUTLAW5150

Kirby 68 - Kirby68

XxGreatScythexX - XxGreatScythexX

Spaz The Great - coming soon....

partylenin - <herbguru420>

Killajo - hogsP1MPhand

L-RiC - xSxBx youngter

shadow356 - shadow356

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Alright Spaz, just post here again whenever you get a 360 and you're in. In the meantime, I have no school this Friday and I'm thinking we should have a "training-session" I guess that's what you could call it. I'm wondering who will be able to make it, so we can get all organized a crap. So message back as soon as you can. And any ideas on clan name?

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It's alright Kirby. We'll get organized and have probably scheduled stuff. However next week I might be busy from Tuesday to Thursday (Volleyball playoffs) so Noru you'd have to take over. Right now we have to see if Urban, GreatScythe and MeL can make it. I'll probably be available from morning 'till 8ish. So let's find out what everyone else is doing.

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Alright my bad guys I was busy yesterday, sorry I wasn't on. But we should decide on a time to play together, is everyone free like during nightime? Cause I know I'll be on for like an hour or two right now and then if I don't have any plans probably be playing from 3 until like 6? So I'm going on right now, if anyone is on we'll at least get together.

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Umm, I'm not sure. I know that we all tried to get on the statue because Tec wanted to see the heart. It was funny watching him trying to get there, He would always miss it by an inch.

I'm in Eastern Canada's Time Zone so GMT-05

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