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Your Favourite Rockstar Studio


Rockstar Studios  

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  1. 1. Which Rockstar Games studio is your favourite?

    • Rockstar Japan
    • Rockstar Leeds
    • Rockstar Lincoln
    • Rockstar London
    • Rockstar North
    • Rockstar San Diego
    • Rockstar Toronto
    • Rockstar Vancouver
    • Rockstar Vienna

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Which Rockstar Games studio is your favourite?

Logo Name Notes
30px-Leedslogo.gif Rockstar Leeds Previously known as Mobius Entertainment and are based in Stanningley, Leeds. They created the GTA Portable series.
30px-RLincolnlogo122.gif Rockstar Lincoln Quality assurance and localization studio, formerly Tarantula Studios.
30px-Rockstar_London_Logo.png Rockstar London Formed in November 2005. Currently working on Manhunt 2
30px-Rockstarnorthlogo.jpg Rockstar North The best known Rockstar company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They were previously known as DMA Design. They are famous for their Grand Theft Auto series.
30px-Rockstar_San_Diego_logo_(2002).jpg Rockstar San Diego Previously known as Angel Studios of Midnight Club and Red Dead Revolver fame.
30px-Rockstar_Toronto_(logo).gif Rockstar Toronto Take Two's in-house development team, previously known as Rockstar Canada. Their most well-known work is their adaptation of the cult classic film The Warriors.
30px-Rockstar_Vancouver_logo_(2002).jpg Rockstar Vancouver Previously known as Barking Dog Studios. They recently completed and released Bully.
30px-Rockstar_Vienna_logo_(2003-2006).jpg Rockstar Vienna Previously known as neo Software; closed on May 11, 2006
30px-Rockstarjapan.png Rockstar Japan Tokyo based studio founded in 2005. Work in conjunction with developer Capcom on Japanese localisations of numerous games by Rockstar. Also known as 'Rockstar Games Tokyo'.
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lol this thread has spam etc. R* South R* west, which does not exist.

I posted this post to make sure no one posts R* east

That's just parody of R* North as that's the one we referred to, lol.

Yeah, it was just a joke, which Rockstar was in charge of the Max Payne series BTW?

Here's the answer to your question:

Remedy Entertainment (WIN)

Rockstar Toronto (PS2)

Rockstar Vienna (Xbox)

Rockstar Leeds (GBA)

MacSoft (MAC)

Source: Wikipedia

In case any readers don't understand, Rockstar Toronto developed the PS2 version, Rockstar Vienna developed the Xbox version, Rockstar Leeds developed the Gameboy version, and the Windows & Mac versions were developed by non-Rockstar Studios.

Now, for my favourite studio. So, IMO, almost EVERYONE reading this doesn't know this already but I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So, I would say my favourite studio is Rockstar Toronto, EVEN THOUGH I haven't played any Rockstar Games besides Grand Theft Auto (R* Toronto hasn't developed ANY GTA games, besides London 1969). My second choice would be Rockstar Leeds, since they pretty much developed the majority of the Grand Theft Auto games I've played.

BTW, Gerard, you've missed 'Rockstar New England', and seeing all the links in your chart is from Grand Theft Wiki, I've checked them and they also missed Rockstar New England. I don't know myself if Rockstar New England exists, but according to Wikipedia, it exists.

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