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Hi ppls!

I'm a bit new here to this forum. The site is familiar with me a long time, but actually I didn't introduce myself proparly :rolleyes: . My nickname is Shifty, and many stunters will know me at gtastunting. I'm in GLS (slayer and ghost' crew) and hoping to stay there for a long time. So, hiya all!

Grtz, Shifty :w00t:

Welcome to the forums! And for some reason, I love your avatar. I watch anime way too much.

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Hello there GTA fans! I'm a new member of the GTA family. I own all versions of PC Grant Theft Autos and the PSP Liberty City Stories. These games gave me countless hours of gaming and modding. Kudos to Rockstar and the community for creating the games and the mods respectively.

One simple question: I like to control the games with a joypad rather than keyboard+mouse. I've solved the problem in San Andreas with a program called San Andreas Advanced Controls. I searched the forum and found nothing like it for GTA III and Vice City. Could someone please point out the best solution to experience these games with the same controls as the PS2 versions? Thanks in advance for any reply.

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