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i have every mission save game file for pc users

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How about, not double posting, and REDUCE your signature.

It is far too big, and I guess people like you don't read the rules...


Signature And Avatar Rules

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That's what you need to follow.

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Perhaps there's a different problem?Maybe with you yourself? Please, atleast read the shitload of topics you've made already, and try to read those, and see what other people are saying.

EDIT : Example :


Stop making topics upon Topics

Stop using smileys, they are privileges, not rights

Stop disgracing yourself, nothing against you.

But all what you've done till now, is nothing more than nuisance.

And if you're already warned against this, I'm sorry.


This is the actual place for SA Modding help, click here.

Don't make a post/Topic over there, first read ALL the pinned topics[the ones which are above the other topics, given in bold letters]

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i will provide u every mission save game file do you want just reply me and say me which save game you need





Can you please send me the demolition man saved game. Ive tryied so hard but nevered passed. Thankyou

my email is [email protected]

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