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British Motor Show 2008 - ExCeL London

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So yesterday I went to the British Motor Show at the ExCeL in London. It was pretty cool save for a few manufacturers missing that I was hoping to see (BMW, Ferrari, Audi etc.). Also, lack of hot models. Sure there were some models. But they weren't modelling as much as they do on the press days, I guess letting people like me actually take pics of the cars themselves... but you know it would have been nice to have some skin in too! :P

Anyway, I uploaded 70 photos I thought looked alright, see them on flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisphillips...57606459974075/

One of my favourite photos has to be the the front of the Alfa 159 - dunno why but I think it just looks sexy as fuck (and btw Alfa always has the hottest girls, they're probably actual Italians).

Similarly, the front of the new Camaro I also quite liked, here and here.

Comments on the cars and/or my photos? We can discuss them here.

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