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Can my PC run GTA IV?


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DVI is an alternative to VGA.

You know the plug that goes into your PC from your monitor? That's a VGA socket. DVI are an alternative, but different, they are better quality, and only newer monitors support them. HDMI is only supported by the more expensive monitors and TV's and gives awesome sound an visual quality.

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Super old.

Get a LCD and you'll have full experience.

I don't have much money y'know?

So I'll choose between new monitor or new graphics card.

Before I get new card.

I don't care much about what kind of monitor I have, if it shows something then I'm fine. :thumbsup:

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Does my specs pass?

It does run Crysis adequately on generally medium details. Though some advanced settings (Volumetric/Texture/Shader) need to be set on low.

It also runs GTA San Andreas smoothly with very high details (Anti-aliasing off) at 1280x800 pixels

What about GTA4?

Intel Centrino Duo (Core 2 Duo) T7300 2.0GHz (Santa Rosa Platform)

2GB DDR2-667 RAM (Hynix+Apacer)

nVidia GeForce 8400M G 128MB w/ 383 TurboCache (512MB total)

Hitachi Travelstar 250GB SATA HDD

Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/ Service Pack 2

(As you can see by the CPU, You know it's a laptop.)

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So chris82, you seem to know what you're talking about.

Today my RAM came ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820145098 )

I now have:

Windows XP 32bit home edition

ATI Radeon X1300/X1500 Series Pro


AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 2.0GHz processor

and I run at 1024 x 768

I'm in the market for a processor that isn't cheap ass... Well yeah I am looking for a cheapass processor that doesn't suck. I don't know what to look for - Could ya help me out?

( http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee236/B...6/processor.png ) <-- current processor.

However, if this current rig will work fine for GTA4, I'm fine. It plays well in TF2 now that the RAM is upgraded.

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Nice AMD processor that is also pretty cheap. Just make sure both are the same socket type and you have a good heatsinkfan and thermal grease. A decent heatsinkfan can be had for under $50 the only thermal grease acceptable to use is Arctic Silver 5, which costs about $5.

As for a video card, get a 4850, they are under $200 and absolutely amazing for what you get.

Keep in mind that what I'm telling you to get will probably let you play it maxed out, especially if you're running at a low resolution like that. Yes TF2 is quite a RAM hog and GTA IV will be too. Enjoy.

EDIT: Looking back, someone made a comment about CRTs being old. CRTs aren't necessarily bad. Sure, I like LCDs because of how much lighter/thinner/less eye-strain inducing they are, but CRTs give a slightly better picture quality. It doesn't matter if you only have a VGA connection, yes almost all graphics cards produced today have a DVI slot instead but they also usually include DVI-to-VGA converters, which work fine, and I used them until I got my LCD.

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I have socket AM2, but newegg doesn't sell CPUs that fit into 940 pin slots? Thats pretty suck.

Onward to tigerdirect!

EDIT: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....amp;x=0&y=0

>_> they sell some, most are just out of my price range.

lol, AM2 is 940 pins iirc, but there was another standard called "socket 940" which blew cock.

Anyway AM2 is the most common AMD socket and in fact is what mine is as well. Again, something in the 5000+ or 6000+ range should be fine and will make TF2 run even better.

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So anything socket Am2 will fit into my processor slot?

Sorry to repeatedly post, I'm pretty much a nub in hardware.

EDIT: I'm also looking for GTA4 to run well, it doesn't have to be maxed out, but I'd like it to run well with few FPS problems.

EDIT2: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103211


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Don't judge a processor by it's clock speed, 2.6GHz could be amazing or shitty depending on the processor architecture. For example a 2.6GHz Pentium 4 is absolute shit while a 2.6GHz Core2Duo is spectacular and the 5000+ isn't bad either; I use a variant of it and it works wonders.

Just remember short, a better graphics card would also be good.

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If its AMD, then its good. ;)


As for a video card, get a 4850, they are under $200 and absolutely amazing for what you get.

They're awesome. Anyone planing on building a computer soon, this card is gold. Of course, it isn't the fastest, but it does Crysis on high/very high at 'good' resolutions and I can't see games that are coming in the coming year being (much) heavier on your system than Crysis is. You'll need good airflow though. A friend of mine bought it and it does get rather hot and since it isn't dual slot, you need some airflow to get rid of the heat.

I could talk about other cards which have more power than this one, but the point is that I'm very, very sure the 4850 can do GTA IV with everything max, 4x AA at 1680 x 1050. Quite a chance you can even crank up the reso and play with extra stuff like Anisotropic filtering enabled ect., but I won't make promises about that.

Edit: Deleted next post. Was a double post, thought it would merge...

HP Pavilion dv9543cl

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz Rated at 5.0GHz T7300 (2nd Level 4MB Cache Memory)

Windows Vista Home premium 32bit (will upgrade to 64bit before the release of GTA 4)

3GB DDR2 RAM (will upgrade to 4GB before the release of GTA 4)

320 GB Hard disk

512 MB Dedicated Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS + 727 MB Shared graphics Memory ( Shader Model 4.0 and DX 10 Supportable )

Realtek HD Audio Sound

GTA 4 will work in my laptop? Low ? Medium or High Details?

Medium/low like? What do you mean, rated at 5GHz? If you could, please give a CPU-Z screeny.

I think you'd be able to play it fine with a other graphic card. I mean, on higher settings. Your system should be able to play GTA IV, but you'll probably want to up a few settings and I'm not sure the 8600 will be able to handle that. Also depends on the resolution. If you're gaming at a pretty low resolution it might even be able to do high.

WOW, DDR3 Version of 8600... That a damn good Thang :thumbsup:

That is sarcasm or what? If a graphic card uses DDRx (x being a 2 or a 3) it usually isn't a good sign. GDDR3/GDDR5 is used for good graphic cards.

This is my pc configuration

Pentium Dual core 3.0GHz processor

1GB ram , im running vista

gfx: intel®82945g express chipset with 256mb of graphics memory

screen resolution 1280x1024

i dont think ill be able to upgrade it soon either. so ill be contented if i can play gta4 on my pc atleast in the low gfx mode.

That simply will not work. I could lie and say it might, but it just won't. If you're a person who doesn't mind absolutely crappy frame rates it might, but I highly doubt it will be able to get it working at 30FPS+

Too little RAM for Vista. Pentium D is quite old and slow compared to C2D's and Intel's graphic solutions are absolute crap.

I'm sorry, but that just is the harsh reality.

Sapphire RADEON HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E 2395

Gigabyte RADEON HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E 2210

Asus RADEON EAH4850 /HTDI/512 2485

I'm planning to get ATi 4850 instead of Geforce 9600, but which of them?

The last number is price.(1$=10EEK)

Personally I'd go for Sapphire. You'll never go wrong getting a card from them.

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You cant compare Crysis to everything, it requires vista, and if you ask me, vista was a big flop. I don't even capitalize it when I type it anymore.

1- Llama is right. It just gives you better graphics (DX10 mode) under Vista.

2- Chris82's point

3- I'm quite sure you haven't even used Vista. I have bought it. Yes, I didn't just get it, I bought it. And I wouldn't go back to XP, ever. The overall experience is better and I find it a very pleasant OS to use. Try it yourself, one day.

Somehow it's 'cool' to hate Vista.. bunch of stereotypes.

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