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Can my PC run GTA IV?


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Well, actually... 32 bit operating systems can handle a maximum of 4GB RAM and 64 bit can handle RAM beyond that. Of course, you'll need a 64-bit processor as well. If you're planning on using more than 4G of memory you may wish to consider the purchase of a 64 bit processor. Just remember that the operating system you choose must have 64 bit capabilities. Most of today's do, so that shouldn't be a major problem for you. They're not much more expensive than 32 bit operating systems.

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A 7500LE isn't exactly what you would call a good card for these days, but yeah, you could probably run it on medium at least. You've got a good processor but I think it's bottlenecked by that GFX card. It doesn't have a lot of VRAM as well so that's bad. Is that a desktop or laptop you're using? Laptops are NOT good for gaming, unless you buy a game controller or keyboard and mouse for it and have decent enough specs.

7500LE ain't that good, trust me. It's a desktop ^_^

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That's what I was thinking too, but why give me a 32bit in the first place?

Uhm... drivers..

Companies like Creative tend to give you a "fuck you" when it comes to 64bit drivers. But the situation is improving...

32bit can do 4GB. But effectively this will become about 3,5 GB. Linux can use someting called PAE (or something like that... can't be bothered to look it up) which enables it to have a maximum of 6 GB or something. Well, at least more than 4.

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Companies like Creative tend to give you a "fuck you" when it comes to 64bit drivers.

Linux can use more than 4. (GB of RAM)

Damn, you're fucked either way then.

The decision is yours whether to use 64-bit. I personally don't because I only have 2GB of RAM and Adobe CS4 isn't out yet. However when I double my RAM and get CS4, I will probably get 64-bit, as most companies will be providing drivers by then anyway.

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It's the OEM's decision. What matters is what they think is the best for their target audience.

I've got 4GB and Home Premium (bought myself, though it's an OEM version. So it was my own decision).

Initually Vista only could 'see' something like 3,5 GB. With service pack 1 that has become 4. But don't be fooled, it only confirms that you have that full 4GB installed. Effectively it's still that same amount, which should be around the 3,5 GB.

I choose 32bit because of the driver support not yet being optimum. Stuff like printers don't all yet have 64bit drivers for them, so I decided I'd do with 32bit for the mean time.

Getting 64bit when I upgrade to Windows 7 (about half a year after it's release. Hopefully it will be a bit more polished than Vista when it was released. Though I have to say I love Vista after SP1.)

But, uh.. yeah.. Dunno why we're even talking about this since 2 GB should be enough. Any new computer comes with 2 to 3 GB and it is very easy to upgrade. No real problem their.

I think most will have a graphic card problem (CPU usually isn't that much of a deal, though they do bottleneck high-end cards).

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Well, im planning to update my computer, this the settings im going to use.

Albatron nVIDIA GF8800GT 512MB PCI-Express

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3,0GHz, 2x1MB, Dual Core, 64-bit Socket AM2

2GB Ram

Windows XP


Im sure this will work?

Easily, enjoy... :)

OH SHEEET! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

P4 2.26 Ghz

GeForce 6600....

'fraid not, maybe on bery toned down settings, but that P4 pretty much comdemns it.

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Yo, When GTAIV comes out, this will be my setup:

Windows XP Home 32bit SP2


AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHz

->Video Card<- EVGA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB PCI-Express x16


But since my current PSU is only a 305W, I'll also be getting this: >PSU< (I'd like to knock of 15 bucks for a 500W PSU if anyone has a suggestion, but only if its just as good or better as this Antec one.)

Open to suggestions on PSUs, though.

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@shortbus yeah i reckon that will work good :)

@claude-5, well the mobo doesnt really determine it, mainly the CPU and video card. Did you buy a AMD based or Intel based motherboard? If amd i would get a X2 5000+ or more, if intel, i'd go for a e8400 (3ghz core 2) or if you cant afford that, a e7200 (2.53ghz core 2). graphic card, i'd get a 8800gt/s/x . but i think gtx is still quite expensive.

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