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Okay, I'm bored, it's the holidays. I had nothing much to do on the PC this week, so I was playing on Photoshop for a bit. Then my big brother comes and asks me to make him a website template up. I said yes to this since I'm getting better at Photoshop so I made something out of scratch. Then I spent the rest of yesterday working on it and I made this:


Considering this is another GTA IV template, it's sort of just the same as my previous template, but with this it has got some stuff removed/added/altered. I thought my other template wasn't good enough, so I decided I should use that one when I'm skinning my forums, but eh, just not sure of that either.

And also, people who say I'm overdoing the grunge, just shut up. It's suppose to be like that. That's why it's called "GTA IV: Dirty" (lol need to change the name of it :\).

So need some constructive criticism and opinions on what's bad, how to improve, and whatever you think you notice mostly, which is suppose to be bad. :) Most probably then I'll be on my way to improving it.

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