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who is the best gta guy around  

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  1. 1. so how will win

    • claude
    • tommy
    • cj
    • toni
    • vic
    • niko

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Why is Claude the dude from GTA 2 classic in the list and none of the GTA 1 people? lol

Claude is in GTA III also. This is just a poll of modern characters, I guess.

I have always said and will stick to my guns that the guy in GTA 3 isnt Claude just because that chick in SA said it once and it could have been any one and that Claude is killed in GTA 2 doesnt make sense to this fact. But then that is for a differnt thread I guess and I dont want to start a war, lol

But then I would have to put my bet on CJ myself. I also see there are like a TON of these threads here, whats up with that?

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GTAII is in the future, hence why he can die, and still be in III, and San Andreas.

Also, i think 'Claude' is mentioned in both the SA and II credits as 'Claude'... therefore they both must be him.

And yeah, ummm.... thousands of these, so go there instead.


(Realise I'm kinda cutting people off fromt his argument, so... fi you got anything else you wanna say / ask... PM? :) )

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