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Would you ever want GTA 3 or GTA VC'S health system back


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I dunno. It's a classic system. However, I think we've moved on now, the series, and games in general.

I love playing CoD4 in hardcore mode. No HUD, whatsoever. No indication of health or how many rounds left in your gun. I think it's great and makes it not only more realistic, but more of a challenge. GTA is a bit of a bitch without the HUD because it's sort of required for stuff.

My point is, I don't actually care which system they use. If I had to choose I'd probably go with the new system, rings around the radar. I liked it. Maybe I'm in a minority by saying that but yeah.

Oh and moved to the general GTA forum...

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I liked the number next to health / armour, i think its better. When i first played gta4 at a friends house, he wasnt in the room at the time, and im like uhh wheres the health! then saw something near the radar blinking and im like.."ohhhhh!" .

i dont really like that though. san andreas health system was dumb. vcs/lcs actually wasnt too bad, just a small bar. i like the numbered health then lcs type then san andreas type then gta4 type...

the whole falling out of a car when you crash is also really dumb, he should be able to wear a seatbelt! LOL. oh and i noticed that the cars actually indicate when they're turning, that is dumb imo.

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I loved the numbers. BTW, how can you tell PECIOSLY when you gonna die, if you have a stupid skinny bar, and in GTA4, some confusing ring that you cant tell where it starts from? Also I laughed when it came up "069", or "001", or "007". Classic times in Vice City!!! They are my only times actually...

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I prefer the GTA VC and GTA III health bars. They give you an exact amount of how much health you have right now, without you needing to make assumptions on your health, which may turn out wrong. Also, it helps you determin how much risks you are gonna take, as each gunshot, fall etc has an exact number of health points deducted, and not large sections of a health bar. However, I kinda feel nostalgic when I see them, and I have grown pretty used to seeing health bars.

GTA SA's health system just sucked. The health bar was too long.

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