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Spaz The Great

Spaz Made Handhelds

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Someone told me I should make my own topic for any handhelds I make. If you want to, you can show off some you made, too.

First up is the DSP. Or DSPSP, but that's a bit too long.


This is just a prototype, and I never got around to making another one. I was suppose to make the second version when I got my PSP. I never did.



With a game playing((forgot which one)):


Nothing special, but this is just alot of fun.

Gamecube one. with Super smashbro melee in it

Yes'm. Here it is. I know I used the most imagination with this design. Stupid bulky handles, had to do more than just remove them for this one.


With Super Smash Bros Melee as requested.


A NES one that took the least amount of effort and time. And also was starting to get annoying, which lead to it being this crappy thing.


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