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How I got GTA IV to run more smoothly


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Recently I picked up a new monitor--an upgrade from the 19'' LCD I was using previously. That monitor ran at 1280x1024. The monitor I'm currently using runs at 1680x1050 and is the Acer X223Wbd 22'' Widescreen. It has a 5ms response time, 2500:1 contrast ratio, and is pretty much awesome in every way. But enough about my monitor, and now about how it improved GTAIV's performance.

My system isn't bad, according to the specifications it can easily run GTAIV.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+

Corsair XMM2 2GB DDR2

ATi Radeon 3870 512mb

And while it ran fine at 1280x1024 at all medium settings (sliders in upper 20s), I wondered what the performance would be with the much higher resolution. I upped it to 1680x1050. Surprisingly, the game didn't limit me at all to 1440x900 like it did Chris, even before the patch. I kept the settings and sliders where they were and started the game. To my surprise there was no decrease in performance and in fact it looked like I had gained some. Turns out that upping the resolution put more stress on my graphics card which is much more powerful than my processor. I then applied the patch from GFWL and updated my video card drivers to 8.12. I'm proud to say that in busy areas I can pull 25-40fps and I always hit 60 in non-busy areas/interiors, I could go higher in those places but I think this game uses v-sync.

So if you're having performance issues, UP the resolution, it may actually help!

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That makes no fucking sense, but awesome for you. Anyway, it should only be smooth when you play it at the native resolution since (I think) there is no scaling to be done. Whereas if you play on a lower res, although there's less space to fill it's still got to downscale.

I still get crappy framerate on mine. Actually lost interest in playing it now. All a big farce at times. You know they should have just like, pissed us all off and delayed it a year. At least then though we'd all (likely) have better PC's or the parts needed would have come down in price.

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