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  1. 1. Screensaver?

    • With screensaver.
    • Without.

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without, because I thought having screensaver is just a pain... I mean, its a waste of time staring on the screen
Hmm, I guess I do have a screensaver, with a lame aquarium, vortex, etc. But, to be honest it's really better just to turn off your monitor, or whatever.

It doesn't do anything yet it doesn't bother me.

I want to say without, but I actually have one.

It doesn't do anything other than eye candy (although early screensavers were coded for the purpose of keeping your screen from being burned in), so turning off the display is much better when left unattended.

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I said with, because back in the day when I lived with my mother I would read erotic stories online, and leave the room for a few minutes (bathroom, food, ext). If she happened to walk in she would only see whatever stupid screen saver I had up. If she moved the mouse it went back to the log in screen.

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lol thats pretty cool. definitely beats the default windows time thing :P

i usually have a screensaver, mainly cos of the password protect thing so i can go to the toilet without fear that my sister will come and log me off in the meantime. although sometimes she just turns the computer off at the wall then back on.

i had this for ages, but on this computer there's no microphone so im just using the default windows xp thing (windows logo)

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