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If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

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I am just an old, tired GTA fan who would like to see this game break on some source we're all keeping something of an eye on, however, I propose the idea that GTA will bow on a printed Magazine catering to gaming. SINCE the Internet news travels too fast, and it corrupts in a sense, whereas if it's shown and reported in a magazine, not much can be disputed from a print edition story! Unless they have nothing concrete in reporting.

As far as what you posted? I saw you breaking some new info, proposed as new anyway! haha

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Housers don't bitch?!?! Dan writes it, Sam.... What does he do in the game development?? haha He's commented on aspects of GTA IV in depth for EDGE magazine. As I see it, being a new outing GTA on next Gen., that being Xbox 360 and PS 3, it stands to reason most people think that means three GTAs will be offered before a new Gen of consoles, and that Euphoria and RAGE will be employed and evolved as it was for RDR, so it's looking very reasonable to expect something similar, but that's also still speculation based on past evolution hints of how the game series / franchise evolved to this point in time

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