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Modern Warfare 2

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I don't think you need a really good PC to run CoD:MW, so the same should apply for MW2. I'm not technically sure though. It might have a slight increase though when it comes to graphics, but we'll have to see.

I wouldn't say that, I imagine they are going to want to have MW2 at the forefront of modern gaming and therefore would require a fairly decent rig to be able to play it but like you said, at the moment we cannot say for sure.

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I pre-ordered mine about 20 minutes ago, the standard version, for £35 from Tesco on PS3 -> http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.206-2995.aspx. So. come release date, a nice package will be slipping through the letterbox. :D I'm glad I got it for £35, you can absolutely forget paying £45 or £50 for it, no game on Earth is worth that.

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Like MGS is any better, Ivan.

CoD owns MGS.

And why the hell did you preorder, there will be loads of copies of it.

CoD and MGS are different games. Never compare MGS with CoD, it's been here longer than CoD, and both games have great strengths, only within different areas.

And to be honest, I'm not gonna pre-order. All I can say is I'm gonna see what it's like first before I buy it. I may order online (Cause it's gonna be hella' expensive in shops), seen some good prices.

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60 EUR for a the PC version...

The console price for the PC version..

We pay thousands for hardware and at least had games just a little cheaper, but Activision loves to screw their customers. Up the price with 10 EUR...

Indeed, what is 10 EUR? Not a big deal right? Point being, developing for PC doesn't cost a thing. No royalties to pay to MS or Sony. No other weird extra fees. Nothing for the SDK (not even sure if that costs a thing, but still), but still Activision thinks we need to pay an additional 10 EUR.

Who bets this game is going to be pirated as hell?

I'm getting the game from Amazon, so no big deal there, but for all the people buying it at just some store... Activision is just putting up their finger to their loyal PC fans.. The people that DO actually buy the game are just being screwed over.

Unfair. I've lost quite a bit of respect for Activision by this.

Forced to buy it.. MW2 is bound to be epic, so yeah..

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There was some info leaked about the Special Ops mode at the GC - GamesCom, on Friday. There's no images or video in the article, but it might be worth a read. The link's here -> http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=221651 and the quoted article is below:

It's the first day of Gamescom and we're already dripping with sweat. That's not the German beer sweats though, we've just sat down with Infinity Ward to see Modern Warfare II. These are real excite-sweats.

IW played through an entire mission in the game's Special Ops mode, a new mode that throws you into small, bite-sized missions where all hell breaks loose for a few minutes - enough time to make you sweat out without the hassle of story getting in the way.

Our IW guide compared it to the Mile High Club mission at the end of Modern Warfare, which was a short mission unlocked at the end of the game that challenged you to storm through a terrorist-filled plane and rescue a hostage. It was go-mental-and-headbutt-the-TV tough, but short and simple in theory. That's what Special Ops mode is based on.

The final number of missions is yet to be confirmed, but IW says that the Special Ops mode is equal to the single-player and competitive multiplayer modes in size and depth. "It's had the same amount of blood, sweat and tears poured into it," they said. We promise not to mention sweat anymore.

As you'd hope and expect these mini-missions can be played in either single-player, two-player split screen or two-player online co-op. Every mission has been designed with co-op gameplay in mind.

The mission we were shown next was called 'Breach & Clear'. You start in a small corridor with a yellow glowing marker on the wall to your right, where you're to place a bomb. The timer doesn't start until the explosive is detonated, so you have time to gather some weapons for the bat-shit-crazy shoot out that's about to take place.

Plant the explosive and the blast rips through the brick wall, dust and debris flying everywhere. No doubt to show off the carnage a little more, IW immediately activates a temporary bullet-time mode, slowing down flying debris and, more importantly, the gunfire as the player bursts through the new entrance, all guns blazing. You're met with resistance from several enemy soldiers in the derelict, run-down building - some on the same level as you, others on balconies to the upper left and right.

At this point our eyes are wide open. We're smiling. The IW rep leans over to turn up the giant volume wheel on the seriously powerful sound system Activision has set up in the tiny box room. He's turning that bastard right UP and we're loving it. 10/10 for 'sound', we'll tell you that now.

The action is absolutely chaotic, bullets ripping into the scenery, shouting and gunfire everywhere, and the red laser sights of the enemy weapons flash around, which isn't just a pretty effect, it gives you clues to their position.

It's all kicking off but there's not even a hint of a dip in the game's absolutely silky-smooth frame rate. It's totally lush - like you'd expect from this year's biggest (and most expensive) game.

The objective marker is 60 metres and two enemy-filled rooms from the insurgence point. We watch as IW gets its ass handed back in 20 seconds. When you're shot in MW2 you really feel it - the violent shaking of your view is accompanied by thick red splatters of blood on the screen, making it harder to see. You squint just watching it.

Second time lucky, the rep blasted through the mission, using walls on either side of the rooms as cover from the onslaught. The mission ends when you drop through a hole in the floor at the far end of the stage. Short and sweet.

IW explained to us that finishing the missions on different difficulty levels earns you a different number of stars; one for easy, two for medium etc. These stars are accumulated in your profile, not just for showing off but also for unlocking other features in the game. We're seriously liking the no-messing premise of Spec-Ops mode. No need for a story - you just kill. And in two-player. And online. And it's awesome.

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shiiit lol.

for the full collector edition whatever its called, its like nearly 300 aud.

for regular games its usually 99.95, or 129.95 for PS3 etc...kills me lol.

i'll definitely buy it, pirating isnt an option for PS3 unfortunately. my mate will for XBOX though.

come on homebrew people make something for PS3!! lol.

the main problem is the fact they use bluray and the files are HUGE if you were to make it a ISO etc...

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If you guys didn't know already, you can dual-wield pistols in MW2. When I think about it, it seems lame because it ruins that modern warfare feel to it, but I also want it just so you can look fucking awesome going rambo style with 2 Desert Eagle's :P

Unfortunetaly I won't get it for a while because I won't have access to my PS3 as I'm going to boarding school.

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My guess is, for that twin pistols perk, it might be an unlockable killstreak bonus in multiplayer. More videos will be released for the killstreaks, and maybe some perk videos as well. Could even be a perk, who knows? BTW, 2 new gameplay videos have leaked, but you'd better watch them quick because they were filmed by a handheld camera, so they could be taken down at any moment. One is a single-player video, the other is a clip from Spec Ops mode:



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Here they both are, from GameTrailers. They're poor quality, but at least there's new footage to see:



Link 1 is single player, link 2 is Spec Ops - basically Co-Op.

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