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IPB3 Bugs

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When you receive a message it appears as a red circle by your avatar but for some reason the avatar is overlapping the notice so only a little bit of red is visible. I'm using Google Chrome.

I'm looking into this now.

Seems to me like you need to go into a post / sig / whatever and re-center it..so, delete the old tags and put new ones in. That should fix it.

I just noticed. This works only in FireFox not in chrome...Why.. ? :)

Yeah it seems the conversions from 2.3 to 3.0 didn't actually do their job properly. If your profile is affected just edit it and remove the <br /> tags from it. Should be fine then.

And yes center tags also appear to have broken themselves. I'll look into this as well, for now, doing what Llama said should fix it - Eazy are you saying you tried what Llama said and it didn't work?

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I'll look into the signature thing.

Yes we can disable rep. But we want it enabled because I think in the long run it will be helpful. You worryingly already have -8 which is why I assume you're complaining about it. Perhaps if you made better posts people would rep you up.

When you receive a message it appears as a red circle by your avatar but for some reason the avatar is overlapping the notice so only a little bit of red is visible. I'm using Google Chrome.

This has now been fixed. Thanks for reporting it.

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Basically this new rep system is not fair - At all.

I mean the older rep system seemed fair, at least staff could give it, rather than members. And with this, anyone can vote positive or negative, which if you sometimes write something which is informative, reasonable and has a positive stance to it, you may just get bad rep out of it, which SV and Steam are fighting about. There fight just seems pointless, and the system already has got flaws from the start.

The older rep system had something to it, if you did something good (Making a informative topic about GTA or whatnot) then you'd get rep. With this, someone can just post something like this:

X2 I agree with you completely

And then they get like 5+ rep from their friends. I don't see how this can even work. So basically you're not pushing yourself to work hard, as long as your friends are there rating you positive. Completely unfair.

My opinion on it.

Also, I try to center table in my signature, but it doesn't center itself.

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As I stated in the announcement topic, abuse of the rep system will be dealt with severely.

I clearly outlined what was acceptable to rep, and what wasn't. Members found abusing this system will snot be permitted to use it, and any offences will be met with the standard warning system (also explained in the announcement topic).

This isn't a bug, so if someone has a real problem with it, we'll discuss it outside of this topic.

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It's not because of the bad posts, someone is -ing SV, so he does it to me, that's stupid.

Lol howcome I do that to you? You are doing it to me, I was told. Also no I didn't do it to you so stop being stupid. There is also an option to restrict certain groups to give rep.

And another option on ACP Member editing to edit rep :awesome:

Edit: Fighting? Howcome the news came across the forum so fast, I'm not fighting. Steam's just abusing the rep system IMO while I DIDN'T even click a rep button since the upgrade.

Edited by Spider-Vice
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Is there anyway possible, that when you click on the icon to open the profile's short info in the same tab, to type a comment in the popup too?

Sorry I'm not sure what you mean.

Also, I noticed that now I can't edit the first post of a topic I made myself. :o

Just checked permissions for the members group are they are fine. Can you try again, and if there's a specific error message post it here. Thanks.

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I found a Solid Button Glitch. It doesnt just work on my PC, it also works on my mom's, family, and the Mac. I don't know everytime I get ready to log in it says my username and then password automatically. Then when I press Go or Sign In it just stays stuck. So I have to go to password and press Enter. And this also works when your signed in too, like when your on the main forum page and click on "View New Content" it does nothing. I even click on the sub forums and it does nothing. The only un-solid buttons that work can go through other people's profile's. :/

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