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2009 Awards Discussion


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I know this is late and almost useless now but in my opinion I think it's best if we minimize the most knowledgeable GTA awards. Here are the current ones:

Most Knowledgeable (GTA Portables):

Most Knowledgeable (Classic GTAs):

Most Knowledgeable (GTA 3 Era):

Most Knowledgeable (GTA IV Era):

Most Knowledgeable (Modifications):

By keeping the Classic GTAs award, the same person is likely to get it over and over and over as there is pretty much no activity there. While there is still activity in the GTA 3 Era section, you'll notice that once again the same people are nominated over again as the only way that you can claim they know the most about it is from how helpful they are in answering questions where people are stuck and need advice.

To be honest I think that we should only keep the most recent GTA Era in the forum awards as that is where all the activity is and as new titles are released we will start to see a change in who knows the most. The most knowledgeable modifications question can stay though as that applies to all era's.

Also after looking back at the old award nomination topics you'll find that a lot of people never even filled in those sections which makes me think that I'm not the only one who thinks that it's too hard to determine someone to be the most knowledgeable for a game.

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That's a good point, but remember that people aren't here forever. So someone might be here for a couple of years and be the most knowledgeable/helpful Classic-GTA person. But over time they're not going to be able to keep up the activity and helpfulness, so someone else would take over eventually. It's not really a massively prestigious award, compared to some of the others.

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