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Hi If u want any gang name or and good display name then i am here and if u want some stories i am always available.

For example....

NAME:Motor CITY MACHINE GUNS (bike riding culb)

Stunt club (bike stunt club)

Happy club(a club which helps others)

Lapd(Los Angles Police department)

Fight club(Club which takes contract to hit people)

Deadly shooters(a gang which is good at guns)

Cobra Blood



The Fetch-Hogs

The Kings of Cuba

The Weed Street Bankers

Sunshit Boys

Want stories post on which topic u want

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Here is a great story for motor city machine guns guys

One day when the city of san andreas was quiet and calm a new gang appered called Motor City Machine Guns came and robbed banks,houses and casino's.The gang member of 20 freeway

bikers led by the don(User's name).They steal,kill and blow up things.No one knows when do they come or when do they go but all belive there are there. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

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here is and other great story abt a motor cycle club

founded by (username), the "Angels Of Death Motorcycle Club" have been laying claim to the streets as one of the biggest Motorcycle Clubs in Liberty City. At one point having upwards of 60 plus members in the gang, The Angels went on to make bitter enemies and violent rivalries with some of the most notorious organizations the city had to offer. After countless pissing contests, the Founder being held in the Alderney State Correctional Facility for many months, and an endless stream of bodies that the Angels needed to dispose of, the gang had to take refuge in order to let things blow over. Murders, trafficing, bank robberies, and extortion were the way for a Biker to make a living in the City of Liberty, but it landed a few more Angels in the states high security prison system. Some of them discovered alternative outlets, and some of them went into hiding from the FIB, NOOSE, and LCPD.

Now the "Angels Of Death" are back and after a long extended holiday (and many aquittals and dead witnesses), they intend to take back whats rightfully their's and set the record straight...Once and for all! This time around they mean business and any score they have left to settle will be paid for in the blood of their enemies, bought off the tip of their blades and dragged out of town chained to the back of their bikes. These 3 patch hooligans have made their presence known and they don't intend to let the opposition go to unnoticed.

Hey somebody come and post here

my shop is lack of customers :thumbsdown:

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