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Ah yes your downloads I wanted a word with you about that as I noticed you have stolen all my images for them, you can use the downloads providing you got permission from the author but my images are copyrighted thank you very much. Please get your own.


The only reason I don't allow people to steal my screen is because originally when I was getting all the ones off gtagaming they said fine but don't take our images. So obviously I had to install every mod myself so I could take a screen of it, resize it, then add the name of it plus th authors name which is a lot of effort for all the downloads we have. I might consider watermarking them all actually because I'm sure other sites must have stolen them.

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Not bad... Umm, I spotted a few typos in your SA reviews.

Nice site.

By the way, I've been wondering. What program do you use to make those GTAIV fake screenshots? Just curious.

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Uh, no. The page where you reviewed San Andreas.

"On starting the game you're greeted with amzing new graphics and a much wider way to experience the game such as the bike in front of you. As you progress through the game, you'll experience awesome new functions such as climbing, swimming, cycling and 2 new multi-million military vehicles.

If the Rap gang feel isn't your 'cup of tea' then don't woryy, the game transforms past the first island that will have you robbing casinos, breaking into goverment military installations and generally having good fun. The radios in my view are one of the let downs, but then 90s music never compaed to the 80s"

Noticed a few typos there. Those are the only ones I found on the site.

Errors: amazing spelled as amzing

worry spelled as woryy

compared spelled as compaed

Only 3 words, though. But it's best to perfect your work. ^_^

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