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Go to Google, type in 2204355 and hit I'm Feeling Lucky.


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It doesn't work anymore, now it takes you to a news website which is talking about it. Sucks!

I knew that'd happen eventually, always does to I'm Feeling Lucky memes.

A black man dancing around with chicken in his hands? It's actually a KFC commercial. Your from the UK so you dont understand american history back in the 1800's. A racial steryotype would say that black peoples favorite food were chicken and watermelon (plus we have big cocks),
Yeah, I know about what happened back then, it's what the internet does to you, lawl. Eitherway, the guy with the chicken obviously didn't take offence to it, in fact he's laughing, so I don't see why anybody else should.
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Racist shit ever...

You're just weird. How can you say that? If there was a white guy there, then would you have said this?

I don't think that anyone who read this might have thought the way you thought of it. After all, everything depends on how you think...

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