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San Andreas Now Available on Mac App Store


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IPB ImageRounding off the Grand Theft Auto trilogy's excursion to the Mac App Store is the release of San Andreas, priced the same as GTA3 and Vice City at £10.49 ($14.99 / 11,99 €).

Both GTA3 and Vice City are enjoying high ratings from customers who have bought the games, and as expected, San Andreas is proving to be no exception, with people already saying it is performing well on their Mac's. Looks like Rockstar have done an excellent job bringing the trilogy to OS X, only time will tell if we'll end up seeing more releases in the future.

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Yeah, that's nice. Since the three games were all Cider ports it would be an easy job for them to port the games, but idk as to how did they manage to solve the mouse problem in the first two III-era games. 'Twas a common issue up to now that some games would end up having mouselook problems when run on Wine or any of its derivatives such as Cider, like the mouse losing focus on the game when you try to pan the cam at 180 or so degrees.

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I'd quite like to step in here and get a few things said:

@TUNA - If you have a problem with a certain member of the forum spamming, then kindly inform me of your concerns instead of following that same member around the forums with your nose up his ass jumping on everything he posts with tiring, cookie cutter remarks.

@MrGTA - If you believe another member is making your time spent on these forums less enjoyable, contact me outlining your concerns and we will do our utmost to take action upon those concerns. In the meantime, try not to retaliate or stoop to their level. Also: the post merge is just a moderator tool so that we can merge duplicate threads to help minimise clutter and confusion.

I know we're not especially active these days, but that doesn't mean we're any less vigilant. Just leave it the fuck out - simple as that.

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Maybe the countless (three actually) reports I made on his posts? Mainly the ones that consist ether of nothing more than ''lol'' or :) or :P or old news that were ether mentioned if not posted before. Sorry if I don't like the fact that I get warned (Miles) for a post that wasn't longer than two words wile he (MrGTA) can spam continuously without nobody noticing giving a s*it.


Go away.


Riveting tale chap.

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Tuner, I have seen the reports, and I just don't think any of what you're pointing out warrants any sort of sanction. Without going through each of the reports and individually pointing out why, you might not see where I'm coming from. For instance, the report you've made from this thread stemmed from an argument YOU have instigated, and then reported MrGTA for his retaliation. There's no need for that.

Sorry if I don't like the fact that I get warned (Miles) for a post that wasn't longer than two words...

Any... anywhere this has happened that you can point t me to? Also, with all due respect to him, Miles can't warn you shit. So don't worry about that.

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