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GTA5 with Bait cars


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According to gtachronicles.com We will have some type of cars that will be hard to steal. Sounds great what do you think?

Next GTA will have BAIT cars!

icon_post_target.gifby Mike » Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:01 pm

As the title said, a well known source (based in NYC) confirms GTAV (DLC) will have BAIT cars scattered around the map. When these cars are stolen you will have a unique experience like never before (depends on the model type), each car will come equip with anti-theft mechanisms, which you will have to circumvent before the cops are alerted, and or your time runs out?

These cars will be available at random locations during missions and regular game-play (free roam) a new twist will make this one- one of the best GTA's ever. For each star you get while driving a BAIT car, something will be crippled as you drive away from point of origin, staying around the area will give you more time to ditch the car without getting busted. You will need to find in the map different tools to get the job done such as scissors, laptops and even a simple screwdriver. Finding those tools will be a task... especially when that clock is running out and, the cops are hard on your trail. So you heard it first right here on GTAChronicles.com.

Yay! :clapping:

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Somehow I missed Mike here, Hey dude! As for bait cars, We really don't know the extent of characters and which are usable, and yeah, I'm basically bringing up the multiple protagonist angle. Anything is possible from the sheer lack of info and dragging out the reveal for infinity....at the moment

End of June was already predicted to be a reveal of further GTA details.... Well, we are waiting, ROCKSTAR!! Yeah, I'm TALKIN TO YOU!

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