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San Andreas Camera Hack


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Racer_S, creator of the popular VC Camera Hack. Has put his great skills to use on San Andreas and yesterday released the first version of the San Andreas Camera Hack. Today he has updated it to version 1.1 which fixes a few bugs.

It has the following features:

* 10 Fully Customizable New Views

* Free Look Mode

* Speedometer/Tachometer with 6 Different styles and variable position

* Toggle player visibility On/Off while in car

* 'Near Clipping' disabled for high-detail close-ups

* Adjust FOV and Aspect Ratio

Racer_S says:

This is the real thing.  I haven't finished programming all the views for the cars yet so you may have to make some adjustments when getting in a car I haven't driven yet.  Otherwise it is fully functional and features Analog/Digital Speedometer and Tachometer (RPM).  Grab it while its hot!

You can grab it while it's hot in our downloads database Here. And don't forget we're always adding files to the database. It might be a good idea to sort the files by Date Added, you can then see the latest ones we've added, as we don't always post about them. Click here to view the files by newest date added.

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