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[TUT] Finding Locations

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Tutorial: Finding locations

Maybe the most inportant thing about being an elite, is finding new spot's! But how do they do it? You would think they had done it all by now! But, no, they're still coming with new jaw dropping stunt's. Well, the answer to that lay's in alot of creativity. When an elite goes out there, to find a new spot, he aproach's it with pretty much a free mind. That's excatly what you should do too! Just go for a ride on a Nrg and take a look around with a free mind!

Like, when I was just driving around and doing small bumps, 360 and such, I suddenly saw a roof which would've been awsome to make! So, I take a look around, trying to find a way up there. And when I found it, I went do go do it!

(Another, similar, tchnique is the one where you find the bump before the roof, or the jump before the grind. This is the same as the one above, but in reverse.)

I think most stunters uses that technique, but I wouldn't advice you to start doing that one! You should try another technique first, so that you've gotten pretty creative before you use it. Though it really isn't that much of a mistake if you do start doing the prevese one. But, anyhoo, this is the technique you should start doing..

There are a few things you can do to increase your amount of stunts. And this is a technique that I, and many others (I think), use:

I stay tuned on stunting videos, so I see which stunts have been done and which havn't (as should you!!). But you can use stunt's that have allready been done, and redo them in a diffrent way! Like I saw NightKnight's bump to roof (scroll down to see which one I'm talking about. It's called "NightKnight's bump to roof". It's from Vice City, but you'll get my point anyway.). Than I went out and treid to find another way up there. Then suddenly I found "NightKnight's bump to roof redo" (I know people have only seen Nitzkit do it, but that's because he released it before me).

Examples on stunt's that have been redone in a diffrent way (It's from Vice City, but you'll get my point):

NightKnight's bump to roof

NightKnight's bump to roof redo

Downtown hospital roof

Downtown hospital roof redo

Bump to roof

Bump to roof in a diffrent way


Pcj bump or packer

Air and roof

Regular bump in white)

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Great tutorial. I really need to get back into the mood for stunting though, like driving around and looking at the ways I could get onto rooftops etc.

But the thing I never realised is shown in this pic- http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y31/Wibor...17-20-35-03.jpg

I never thought it was possible to get that high. I guess I never tried it. Could that be done in SA with the new physics? If so I might be able to improve at stunting.

The 2 videos I made were done back when stunting wasn't that popular...well it was just beginning to take off really. And I regret not going along with them.

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the hell with roofs, i look at a rail then think how i canget into a grind on it then look to enhance the stunt further and further untill i get like a p2b-stoppie-cork-grind-truck sorta stunt.. bump - roof stunts bore the hell out of me.. also LOL at the "You can get higher in SA than you can in VC" comment.. VC height record FL on is 275 ft or something and SA's is what.. 200 max? and thats fl off.

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