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What cars would you like to see modded?


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I want so me more "normal" cars.

I love to replace the cars that are obvious "lookalikes".

And they should be all stock of course, no hotrodded tuned up "crap" ;)


But I still miss:

a nice Pontiac Bonneville SSE for the Sunrise

a cool hearse? for the Romero

I also need a Chevy Corvair for the Tampa

Chevy -58 for the Tornado

Honda Civic CRX for Blista Compact

and a couple more...

That would be awesome !

If anyone know of any of these, plz let me know !!

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By modded I belive the threadmaker meant "made"? In that case;

A good Bmw E39 M5, not like that ugly "Tuned" one that doesn't resemble the real one, one bit. More time-appropriete too.

Volvo 940, if you got the skills to make cars this will be a good one, also good according to early 90's.

However, no more supercars which has "poorfamily" in the viechles.ide line, really bad.

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1.bowler wildcat

2.segway (not a car but DAMNED cool)

3.Koenigesegg CCX

4.Ariel atom

5.Cateram 7

6.Wina Bago

7.Chevrolet Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette (254mph)

8.VW BUS (hippy style)

9.Lamborghini LM (it maybe a lambo, but not as you may expect...)

10.Chevolet suburan (or avalanche, i don't mind!)

The Koenigsegg has been made so has the vw bus

go to www.grandtheftauto.fr

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1996 Geo tracker (4-Door)

Anyone laughing never owned one. Loki (my Tracker) can go anywhere my 92 F-150 can & get just as stuck!!

But instead of a huge tow bill, I just need 3 large dogs to get out.

Am also looking for a modded Maverick. Working name Seahorse, this would be a GTA Maverick w/ pontoons & Machine

gun like a Sea Sparrow but as a 4 seat chopper.

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05 Lambo Concept S:

04 Pagani Zonda C12 S Monza:

01 Porsche Carrera GT:

04 Maserati MC12:Download here!

04 Koenigsegg CCR:Download here!

04 Lotus Exige:Download Here!

05 Spyker C12 Spyder:

98 Mclaren F1 LM Edition:Download Here!

Ferrari FXX:

Just to say some of these cars are now avalable for dowloading (links are next to the vehicle)

Also every1! If you want a car and can't fin it go Here

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Hi all, after reading through al of the post here and seeing all the responses from people and then searching through the various links I was able to find the car I was hoping to find, I was looking for the new 2007 - 2009 camaro concept car. this site ---> gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de had the exact one but it says on the site no direct linking, so sorry if this is what I just did, still very green about all of this modding and stuff. If anyone wants I can send them the link for the file, all I did was look through the chevrolet listing. Anyways thank you to everyone


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