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What cars would you like to see modded?


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Everyone mods Mustangs, Benz's, BMWs, Hummers, Corvettes..Or any car that is popular. But how about some different cars?

I'd like to see:

-Oldsmobile Aurora: It may be an old person car, But its powerful and sexi with a kit.

-Pontiac Bonneville SSei: SeXi.

-Jaguar S-Type R: I have yet to see a model of this beauty. :(

-(older) Honda CRX SI


Oldsmobile Aurora (With Razzi kit)smally.gif

Bonneville SSei 94-95ssei.jpg

S-Type R (Nicer in black): model_range_F53521A1-3FBF-4DAE-816C-A071A4ADF0E0_462x669.jpg

CRX SI: crx-04.jpg


Its almost obvious why the first 3 arent popular...Probably because their 4 doors. Meh. :(

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Posted Images

05 Lambo Concept S:


04 Pagani Zonda C12 S Monza:


01 Porsche Carrera GT:


04 Maserati MC12:


04 Koenigsegg CCR:


04 Lotus Exige:


05 Spyker C12 Spyder:


98 Mclaren F1 LM Edition:


Ferrari FXX:


I'm not asking for all or any of these...just offering inspiration.

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2004-2005 Acura TL A-Spec.


It could replace one of the Sedans in the game. Specs are:

270HP V6


Why request this one? Well, two reasons:

1 - I own one. Well, it's a non A-spec but the A-Spec looks better with the body kit.

2 - Far too many exotic requests. Having nothing but exotic cars all over SA isn't going to be all that fun. There needs to be a good mix of different types of cars

And if needed I can help fine-tune the handling to be more real-life like, since I own one.

Just for reference, this is the non A-Spec TL. The one I own.


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What about a Suburu STI? Normal colors and the rally skin, that would look tight. I'm sure every one knows what it looks like so no pic. Other cars that would be nice; Evo VIII, Ferrari 430, Lambo Murcielago, Porshe 911 Carrera, Acura NSX, Toyota MR2 (95 body), newest Crown Vic cop car, Nissan 300ZX twin turbo, Nissan 240SX, 350Z, body kits look great on cars, so do sound systems. I know some of these might have been made but they sort of low quailty. (no offense to anyone who happend to make one of the previous, i don't even know how to make a box on wheels) If there are any high quailty nice looking ones let me know. Thanx

P.S. Anyone who wants to teach me how to make cars... i'd be honored to be the student. :thumbsup:

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ugh, god! a taurus?

anyway, i'm surprised my car hasnt showed up yet. 1981 DMC-12 DeLorean.

it was modded for VC, but theres a prob loading a VC model into SA. My guess is that the engines are actually a 3d model this time, instead of a flat picture in VC.

any ideas on how to cross it into SA? I dont have a 3d modeling program, but all someone would have to do is put a simple little volvo 6 cyl. engine with a dmc air intake on top.

you can find the model and everything in the vice city section.

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The Clone Turbo Tank:


All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE):


Republic Attack Gunship:


Republic Assault Gunboat:


All Terrian Attack Pod (AT-AP):


I want those vehicals too, A AT-TE roaming the citys of GTA could be good, and a Republic Gunship for transporting people.

The Speeder Bike would be good as a fast bike.

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- Lamborghini Murcielago

- Lamborghini Gallardo

- Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

- Nissan Skyline GTR Type R34

No, I was just kidding

- A Bajaj

- Bebek Automatic motorcycle to replace scooters

Those are indonesian vehicles. So most of you (maybe none) knows about them

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