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Longest Wheelie Contest


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Ok. Hi and welcome to The Longest wheelie Contest. Here you will be able to compete with other contestants, and at the end.... the winner... WILL win a prize!

Im being serious, the King will win a prize. Im not going to tell you what it is, it could be something expensive, or cheap. I feel generous, so it will most likely be something expensive. So, the rules....

1. Entrants must be within the UK (in order to recieve your Prize, we will only post to UK addresses).

2. Must have Photo evidence, and must be entirely visible. IE. if you take a picture off the TV and its a blurry, we cannot accept it :nope: . unless the other competitors think otherwise. :thumbsup:

3. All entries must be in by 1/1/06 (new years day).

4. No mods

5. This is a King of the Hill type of contest, so all entries sent in MUST beat the current King of the Hill.

6. -EITHER- Distance OR Time are needed to beat the Current leader.

7. Either Vice City or San Andreas are accepted. (it now includes the Libery City mod!).

You've seen the rules, so come on! get started!

and please check whether your entry will beat the current leader before sending them in.

Thank-you and enjoy


Any Questions, Just AAsk!

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