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I might break that.

I'm afraid dudes will get pissed if I leave the gang.

You mean you were never a Dragon? EVERYONE has been a Dragon! With the exception of a few members, Chris hasn't I don't believe.


I've never been one, though I wanted to join when the CCF disbanded, but I thought ya'll wouldn't like me.. and then I vanished.

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Best creative GTA-based fan fiction

Best signature/avatar

Best GTA homemade video

Funniest GTA not-photoshopped screenshot

Most awesomest single GTA stunt

Well nobody else said anything sensible so I've started you off with 5 good suggestions there.

I offered those suggestions MONTHS AND MONTHS ago. Remember Sexiest member? A title I still hold. B)

Let's all bow our heads in prayer. We shall send Zino off with respect.

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How about a lame contest, to see who can be lamest?

How about we actually get the Arcade back?, because I remember I was about to get badly beaten by Spaz in a tournament (i forgot) of yeti sports surfing.

Doesn't Mike_Subuzi already hold the lame contest title? lol.

Who are you again?

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