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Forum Upgrade

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What everybody's seeing now is The GTA Place Forums upgraded to IPB version 2.1.2 - many changes have been made for this new version, and we are excited at the opportunity to put all the new features to the test - and we even have all of our old skins intact. A big thanks to Chris for upgrading us.

Some of the new features:

  • Change Display Name
  • Quick in-post editing
  • WYSIWYG post editor
  • Topic open/close times
  • Multiple polls
  • Topic ratings
  • Double-post merging

However, there may be some bugs or problems, most likely with the skins. If you do find any please list them in the provided topic in the Suggestions forum. There are some new features, such as a WYSIWYG post editor. I ask you all please not to overruse these now easily-accessible text effects, such as letter colours, fonts and sizes - we do not wish to have a forum full of bright yellow posts in large sized Impact.

Other than that, enjoy! :)

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