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Your piccys..


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HA HA!!! LMFAO!! Damn Spaz I look like an idiot?? lol. Ill put that pic i told u about up lata. Im 16.

You look so moronically stupid that I had to put two synonyms together to correctly describe you. Spaz was TRYING to look like an idiot in that picture. You're trying to look cool when in fact you just look like a clown. I didn't post that picture up to defend some little 12 year old who thinks he's a gangster, so don't try to defend yourself in that way.

Exactly, I was dressing like an idiot to be cool. So I still have the right to say you look like an idiot.

God that site is "bad".

Your friend looks even dumber than you. I didn't think it was possible.

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What about you letting your boyfriend playing DS... :rolleyes:

What about you reading the sarcasm in that? I said I was closing the DS. Then I said I was also running away and letting my boyfriend play my DS. I wouldn't run away, I'm not gay, and I hate the Nintendo DS. Therefore, I wasn't really closing the Dragon Stealths.


American Idioth. :lol:

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Hello? Heeelloooooo? If somebody is still checking this topic, tell me if you want me to show a pic of me?I have 2, and im willing to hear the peoples thought. Lol....

I might even accept a challenge of sexy pictures against our MOMENTARELY sexiest member : Spaz.

Well, if someone does answer, i'll post both pics i have, and well, later on, if people like them(of course they will) i will post more.

Lol :wub::wub: Lol

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You look like a little thug if you ask me, but you have some good potential in the years to come, thats just my opinion, maybe because I am one of the oldest here.

And now that I know you are latin, I think you really have the thug look.

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