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Your piccys..


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How could you be sexier then me? You don't have long hair.

at the moment, i guess we are both as sexy as each other :P

I'll agree with that.

I must say, that Brian guy from 2F2F is pretty sexy :lol:

yeah i guess he is, in a non-gay way of course

see when a girl says some other girl looks nice they arent lesbians but if a guy says another guy is nice, then we're gay, how the fudge does that work??

btw im gonna get a list of all our member pics so we can have a sexiest member competition, if i do a seperate on for females then kokane only has one other bint girl for competition and she dont look too good, and she only ever made one post, none of the other members who are females according to their profile have pics and/or arent active :)

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yeah i'm 16, only 2 years off the legal age, and besides, thats my dad im sat next to, if your being supervised by a parent/guardian its ok, and its in my own home.

theres always a loophole in the law somewhere ;)

EDIT: in fact i may have been slightly drunk because im like smiling even more here, and i have teh red eyes!!! :o


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