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Your piccys..


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Chris i've seen your pic on yahoo already. Please dont scare everyone off! :lol:

I can do it for you! :lolbounce:


This is me in Jessa's van with headphones around my neck as usual.


this is me and jessa, i like the way i am in this picture, all "blaaah, yeah whatever" n shit.? :huh:


This is the EndingCredits Entertainment((ECcom[endingcredits.com{not up yet}])) Crew. Im the one falling down of course.

from left to right>

Top Row: Chris, Shawn, Nick holding LightBulb, Dante.

2nd Row: Jessa, Cris((Cristina))

Me: Me

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Actually, I thought of a better idea, I was searching Google Images for "Pink Hair", and I saw a preview for this guy wtih spiked hair (it was spiked out not up) and half of it was hot pink and the other was jet black, So I think that I'd like to do the same.

I would post a pic, but the Website wasnt their anymore, I think in Google it was like on the 5th page or so.

And plussss, I know a woman that can get it proffessionally done, for free :w00t:

But, I wonder if I should cut my hair for this :erm:

For referance, my hair is exactly the same shape as Spaz's, but its a darkish brown now.

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Was the guy a punk? Or in a punk band? Cause i have a punk cd by The Casualties and one of the members has short spiked hair half black half pink.

Hmm, I think it was Benji from Good Charlotte, which really pisses me off because Good Charlotte sucks ass, and I really dont want to be associated with them. But I think I'll still get it

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