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Adriaan's 1st 3D Model :)


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I so need to get Maya from my friend. Did you know that Maya is used for the final preparation of 3D models in films before they move on to 3DS Max? AWSOME! You should continue the good work, maybe R* will offer you a job there. Just like craig kerr. the guy who made these, as you know... rnorthjob.jpg

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Now wouldn't that be nice :) . But I'd have to be very impressive in a few years time to get into a studio like one of Rockstar Games' .

I know they have people that job is to just model random models like this.


Here's a low quality version to see the model a bit easier:


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I hardly believe this is your first model.

How many people starting Photoshop whip up something good? Chances are, They don't, Unless they use tutorials.

What tutorial did you use bud

Hey! You're back!

Calm down, dude.

He is right, though, that is pretty stunning for a first model. Unless the program you're using is just that easy to work with, but I doubt it is.

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Hey smallpancake if you looked earlier in the topic you would have seen that I linked to the tutorial. I shall link to it again:


Well you don't have to believe that it was my first model, cause it was. Well it's not realy easy to work with, unless you learn via text and video tutorials. Just read that tutorial and judge for yourself if someone using the software for the first time can create that.

If you still don't believe me.. well then I must be some kind of genius for creating such a stunning model for the first time.

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